Jimi Benson wins Oriwu Sun outstanding politician award of the year since 1985

Since inception of Oriwu Sun, this newspaper has never dimmed it fit to bestow award on any politician for many reasons. The chairman of Oriwu Sun, at a board meeting recently held in the Oriwu Sun mansion, decided that this politician who came to the scene in the last seven years, has performed beyond expectations and deserves a major honour in Ikorodu division.

A Jimi Benson phenomenon is today, a wonder many have not seen for decades in the recent history of Ikorodu division. His unusual ways and approaches to community development have stood him out among his contemporaries and earned him endearing monikers.

Since he assumed office in 2015, Jimi Benson has been performing incredibly well across the local government councils in Ikorodu division.

This young man, today, is the talk of the town as laymen, artisans, youngsters, professionals and traditional rulers are all talking about him for good.

Considering his mien, deeds, community service and human relations skill, the Oriwu Sun will be announcing a date for this deserved honour, very soon.

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