Akinola Awomodu receives Akarigbo’s blessings as Otunba Anoko-Ogbonyari

Few years after receiving the Chieftaincy title of Otunba Anoko-Ogboyari of lkorodu Kingdom from Oba Kabiru Shotobi, the Ayangbure of lkorodu, Chief Akinola Awomodu, has received the blessings of the Akarigbo of Remoland, Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi, Torungbuwa ll, as a recognized Chief in Remoland, bearing the same title.

According to report, the recognition of Otunba Awomodu as Anoko-Ogboyari in Remoland, years after his installation in lkorodu, was in demonstration of the deep historical and ancestral connections between Remoland, the ancestral place of his progenitor (Anoko and his brother, Ogbonyari) and lkorodu where they settled down in Gberigbe Enu-Owa before Anoko was later picked to be installed as Akarigbo.

The blessings by the Akarigbo has not only made Otunba Awomodu a bonafide and recognized Chief in Remoland but also will enable him take his rightful position and place in the Otunbamojo which is the council of Otunbas, Olootus and Omobas in Remoland.

In receiving the Akarigbo royal blessings and recognition, Otunba Awomodu, a highly unassuming successful man and the first person to ever be installed as Otunba Anoko-Ogboyari in lkorodu, demonstrated his clout and popularity as he was accompanied by a powerful delegation led by the Ayangbure to the Akarigbo palace in Shagamu on Thursday, February 3, 2022, for the event.

Also in the delegation were chieftains of the Anoko-Ogbonyari royal family in lkorodu and Remoland, Ikorodu Baales and a host of friends and well-wishers.

Also on ground to support him was her agelessly beautiful wife, Chief (Mrs) Olanrewaju A. Awomodu who herself holds the title of Otun Bewaji of lkorodu.

Earlier before the Akarigbo palace event, Otunba Awomodu was led by several family members from lkorodu to visit the Anoko royal family house at ltunmori in Shagamu to get the blessings of the chieftains of the family and also visited the Otunbamojo Council where he met and paid homage to other Otunbas in Remoland.

At exactly 3.45pm, Otunba Awomodu, full of life and confidence in his colourful Aso Oke Agbada attire, arrived the Akarigbo palace in the company of his wife and family members to receive Akarigbo’s royal blessings. Oba Shotobi and his entourage had arrived a few minutes earlier.

Otunba Awomodu, now a double Chief, was immediately led to the underground inner Chamber of the Akarigbo where Oba Shotobi, his host and few other guests were seated. A few minutes later, they all rose and headed to the Akarigbo-in-Council hall for the business of the day.

The brief event started with prayers for all the Obas, traditional Chiefs, Otunba Awomodu, his family members and the entire gathering by a palace aide.

After the usual rites, Otunba Awomodu was invited to pay homage to Oba Ajayi and Oba Shotobi after which he knelt before the Akarigbo who decorated him with a bead.

The event climaxed as Oba Shotobi handed over the Staff of Office to Oba Ajayi who represented it to Otunba Awomodu in recognition of his Anoko-Ogbonyari Chieftaincy in Remoland amidst loud cheers from family members and guests.

After the representation of the Staff of Office, the double Chief and his wife engaged in a marathon photograph session with the Obas, family members, guests, friends and well-wishers to bring the event to a memorable close.

Otunba Awomodu and wife later led several guests and family members a nearby venue for a brief entertainment.

Meanwhile, Otunba Awomodu, in an interview with Oriwu Sun, expressed his gratitude for the Akarigbo’s blessings, stating that his recognition as Otunba Anoko-Ogboyari in Remoland is significant as it shows the connections and unity between the Akarigbo and Ayangbure.

He said that the recognition will enable him to sit in Otunbamojo where the Otunbas in Remoland usually gather.

“Today’s event is very significant in the sense that it further shows the connections between Ikorodu and Remoland in one hand and the unity between the Ayangbure and Akarigbo on the other hand. We are all from the Anoko Ruling House in Saamu as well as sons and daughters of the Akarigbo.

“The Akarigbo’s blessings and recognition will enable me sit in the Otunbamojo where all the Otunbas in Remoland meet. It is important that the name of a true born Anoko descendant must be registered in the Otunbamojo and that is what we have established today.

“What my coming here today means is that even though my Kabiyesi (Ayangbure) has given me that title (Otunba Anoko-Ogbonyari), yet l still need the blessings of the Akarigbo and that of the Anoko Ruling House in Shagamu to be able to sit with other Otunbas in Remoland at the Otunbamojo and make contributions and l can even sit with them at the Akarigbo-in-Council.

He expressed his gratitude for the support given to him by members of the Anoko-Ogboyari royal family at the event and stated that their presence underscored the unity between the two royal families which he represents.

“Their support and presence show that there’s unity between Anoko and Ogbonyari and that they are one wherever they may be in this world. The structure of the two families is built on strong understanding such that if one Chieftaincy comes in, it goes to the Anoko and if another one comes again, it goes to the Ogbonyari. The structure and understanding have been there for long and we are still upholding it till now. That’s why we not having separate Olootus (family heads). We only have one Olootu for both families and he was capped by the former Ayangbure”.

Otunba Awomodu, however, pledged his loyalty to both Ikorodu and Remoland and also promised to always make himself available to the two Kingdoms whenever he’s needed.

“Yes, l am loyal to the two towns and l am representing both. As you can see, l am close to the Ayangbure and by the virtue of this recognition for my title in Remoland, l am now close to the Akarigbo and as a result, whenever both towns need my assistance, I will always be there because they are both my ancestral crown places. Akarigbo is the father of all the Anokos and Ogbonyaris and at the same time, Koyelu, which my present Ayangbure emanated from, is part of the Anokos and we are all from the same father and mother in Shagamu”.

While corroborating Otunba Awomodu’s statements, a member of the Anoko family, Mr Lukman Awomodu said that the family had visited the Akarigbo palace to get his blessings and recognition for the Anoko-Ogbonyari title given to Otunba Awomodu by the Ayangbure of Ikorodu.

He added that the royal blessings by the Akarigbo has made Otunba Awomodu to be fully recognised as Otunba Anoko-Ogboyari in Remoland and that he’s now qualified to sit with other Otunbas in the Otunbamojo.

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