As-Samadaani Islamic cultural centre makes history, installs first Chief Imam

History was made on Friday, October 30, 2020, as As-Samadaani Islamic Cultural Centre, a popular lslamic society in Ikorodu, installed first Chief Imam in grandstyle.

The new Chief Imam, Khaleepha Abdul-Lateef Adeyinka Oshoala As- Samadaani is the son of the revered popular Islamic scholar and Chief Imam of Oriwu Central Mosque, Ikorodu Division, His Eminence Sheikh Yahaya Oshoala (As-Samadaani), who is the founder of the As-Samadaani Islamic Cultural Centre.

The historic ceremony was held at the Haram As-Samadaani, the Central mosque of the As-Samadaani Islamic Cultural Centre located at Agbala Itura, off Kokoro Abu, Itunmoja, lkorodu, where the new Chief Imam is expected to be leading the weekly Jumah service.

An impressive number of notable guests, Islamic Scholars, and members of the As-Samadaani Islamic Cultural Centre turned out enmasse to witness the making of history and give support to the new Chief Imam.

Khaleepha Abdul-Lateef Adeyinka’s installation was coming eighteen years after the construction of the magnificent Haram As-Samadaani Central Mosque and thirteen years after the mosque was approved for Jumah service by the late Chief Imam of Oriwu Central Mosque, Ikorodu, Alhaji Abdul-Ganiy Sanni Amokomowo.

The turbaning of Khaleepha Abdul-Lateef Adeyinka was done by the trio of Fadhilat  Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Olubodun Gbajabiamila, head of Ratibi Mosques in Lagos State and a Chieftain of the Lagos Central mosque, Fadheelat Sheikh Musliudeen Kalejaiye, Founder of the Aernur – Rahmah International and Shaykh Issa Habib Alo, the Chief Imam of Ori Okuta Central Mosque and Chairman of League of Imams and Alfas affiliated to the Oriwu Central Mosque, lkorodu, during a special event (Maolud Nabiyy) organised to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Oba Shotobi, who was a special guest of honour at the event, presented the staff of office to the new Chief Imam shortly after he was turbaned.

The 2-in-1 event, which was held for  two days, started on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, with Istijabah Nawafil held at the Ogunojalu Mosque, Sabo Road, Itunmaja, Ikorodu, while a special prayer was also held in the early  hours of Friday, October 30, 2020, at the Samadaani Cottage located within the premises of the Ogunojalu Mosque, Ikorodu.

Meanwhile, His Eminence Sheikh Yahya Oshoala Ajagbemokeferi, while announcing the new Imam to the congregation after getting the royal approval of the Ayangbure of Ikorodu prior to the turbaning rites, said that several efforts had been made to install a leader for the mosque but that all were to no avail.

The revered Islamic scholar also stated that he decided not to call any meeting to decide who should lead the Mosque but that he only announced the vacancy for the position and encouraged members of the society to approach him and tell him who they think is deserving to lead them.

“We started this mosque in May 2002 and we started observing Jumat prayer here. We usually installed Imams at other Mosques that we had helped to build. We also thought of installing an Imam here when it was approved for Jumat in 2007 by the late Chief Imam of Oriwu Central Mosque, Alhaji  Abdul-Ganiy Sanni Amokomowo.

“I thought that we should have an Imam here but l discovered that all those that I have been looking at did not materialize.

“It occured to me that I am not getting any younger, even though I appear so facially. Anyone that God has allowed to clock 70 years must start doing everything that he or she deems nnecessary to be done.

“A new Imam will be turbaned for this mosque today by three eminent Islamic figures seated here today and thereafter, he will lead the Jumat prayer.

“Imamship is not something that you can do on your own and I did not want to call any meeting to decide who should lead the Mosque because it will bring about divergence of interests.

“What I did was to inform the congregation that they should approach me individually to tell me who they think is most qualified. They have been coming to tell me individually and so far, they all picked the same person.

“I have received Alfas, youths, women and others coming around to tell me their choice and I had told them all that nobody will know about the person until the day of the turbanning.

“God that chose our referred Oba Shotobi as the Ayangbure of Ikorodu have also chosen the person that I will be announcing today has Imam of this Mosque. With the permission of our royal father, I announce Khaleepha Abdul Lateef Adeyinka Oshoala (As–Samadaani) as the first Imam of this mosque”.

Sheikh Oshoala urged Oba Shotobi to lead the charge for the construction of the Imam’s house within the Mosque premises.

“I will continue to ask our royal father to do more for Allah. He has done great things for Ikorodu Central and Oriwu Central Mosques which we have acknowledged and shall continue to do so. Today, we also saddle our royal father with the responsibility of helping us in building the house that the Imam of this Mosque will live in.

Fadheelatu Sheikh Musliudeen Kalejaiye, founder of the Aernu Rahmah International, delivered lecture on the topic, ‘Excellent Companionship of the Shaabah to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’.

He described the day as historic in the annals of Samadaani Society and Islam in Ikorodu generally regarding the installation of a new Chief Imam for the mosque.

In his lecture, the revered Islamic scholar charged leaders wishing for good life in this world and Hereafter to emulate the good deeds of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He also urged Muslims at the event to live good and exemplary life in their various homes and in the society at large.

Sheikh Kalejaiye pointed out His eminence, Sheikh Yahya Olorunosebi Oshoala Ajagbemokeferi (As–Samadani) and Oba Kabir Shotobi as exemplary leaders who emulate Prophet Muhammed in their deeds and actions, while he also stated that the emergence of both are divine.

“The former Chief Imam built some mosques but you have built Central Mosques. You are not just the Chief Imam but leader of all Muslims and Islam is progressing under your leadership.

“It is very difficult in Ikorodu for people to serve a particular man and also follow his son, but your case is different. It is an exceptional one. Ikorodu followed your father and today, they are have also accepted your leadership.

“Despite your efforts in building central mosques that are befitting for Allah, your own house is nothing but ordinary, even the interior is simply ordinary. From your days at Shams-el-deen Society of Nigeria, where you built the big Mosque, till today that you have the Oriwu Cenral Mosque, nobody has querried your financial activities”, Sheikh Kalejaiye said.

“You built your own house for many years, but you have built many Mosques and Central Mosques and also built many individuals who are doing great. I am one of your products.

“Despite your place of eminence, you are still humble and accommodating”.

He also commended Oba Shotobi and described him as royal father who has the love of Islam and Ikorodu at heart.

“It is only God, who places a person in a position of authority, that has placed you as Oba of Ikorodu, and also only He can remove people from position of authority.

“When people refer to a man, it is because God refers to such a person”.

The event also witnessed the installation of several other muslims as Chieftains of the Samadaani Islamic family.

Among these were Shaykh Abdul Quadri Sulaimon Olomu as Olórí Alaafa (Head of Alfas) Samadaani Family, Alfa Ibrahim Fajemisin as Mukadam Samadaani, Alhaja Sekinat Olasumbo Balogun Longe as Otun Iyasuna Samadaani Global and Alhaja Shakirat Arowolo as Asiwaju Adiini Samadaani Gobal, Alhaja Sikratu Llahi Sotomiwa as Sayyidah Samadaani, Alhaja Toyibat  Oshoala as Muqadimat, Alhaja Simbiat Oshoala as Muqadimat and Alhaja Khadijah Bakare as Agbesinga Adinni Samadaani.

The climax of the event was the brief but powerful sermon delivered by Chief Imam Khaleepha Abdul-Lateef Adeyinka before leading the congregation in his inaugural Jumah prayer.

Among other guests at the event were Alhaji Jimoh Fathiu, Chairman, Ijede LCDA, Alhaji Imam Alade Abiodun as well as Baales and others.

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