Befitting burial for Adeyemi Isikalu ,Oriwu club members celebrate him in death

  The prestigious Oriwu Club of Ikorodu is a highbrow social club, which admits only the crème de la crème of indigenes, who have distinguished themselves in every walks of life. With membership of over hundred and twenty, the Oriwu Club accepts only the most educated and men of noble standing in Ikorodu.

This group of fine gentlemen gathered at the club house to pay last respect to one of their foremost members on July 12, 2019. Their serene facility housed over thirty club members that faithful morning to honour one of their good members, who was called to glory on July 4, 2019. Club members, led by their honourable member, Engineer T. I. Ogunjimi, all clad in white agbada attires, filed in procession around the casket of late Chief Adeyemi Olajide Isikalu. With sons, daughters, wives, and other family affinitive of the deceased in attendance, the elite club members prayed and eulogised their departed member.

At the club house, they held a procession and prayed for the departed soul. An executive member of the club, Chief Niyi Banjoko, the Abobakeye of Ikorodu, described their late member as a friend to all.

According to Chief Niyi, “The late Adeyemi Isikalu was a man, who cared for people around him. He had an endearing personality, which attracted people to him. He was a preacher of healthy living, who most times, prescribed herbs for me. Ours is a social club, which looks after its own; we joined resources to bid our departed member a proper farewell. We will do same for all members at any point in time.”

In similitude to this testimony were the warm words of the club’s Vice President, Engineer Shamsideen Olayiwola Saka, who said the late Isikalu was nice to everyone he met. “He was a man loved by the old and young. He made friend with people regardless of their age or social standing.” The live band played their drums and blew their trumpets in the club house premises, while the casket was moved into the funeral van. Series of exotic cars formed a train of convoy as they headed for the church service at the Methodist Cathedral.

The distinguished members of Oriwu Club, looking radiant in their white agbada attires, all appeared neat and well shaven. The fine men looked like naval corps in their all-white uniforms from Europe. The members became the cynosure of all eyes as they conduct themselves in grace and style. The men of Oriwu Club filed into the grandeur cathedral of Methodist Church at Ita-Elewa in Ikorodu town. Their commitment and adherence to timing proved they were truly of the finest substance in the society.

The ecclesiastical architecture and furnishing of the Methodist Cathedral, Ita-Elewa had an extra luster on that day as the club members took their seats majestically, patiently waiting for the priests and other mourners. The frescos and stained glasses of the cathedral depicted symbols and impressions of celestial cyphers and some Latin imageries.

The church organist played some rendition of hymns and gospel notes, which gave the atmosphere a serene ambience.  Immediate family members of the late Adeyemi Isikalu, led by Adeola Isikalu, took the middle pews of the cathedral interior while the Oriwu Club members occupied the right flank of the pulpit. A team of five priests, clad in ecclesiastical robes, led a procession with the casket into the church, while the family members followed closely behind.

After the casket was laid on a mini scaffold with flower bouquet, the service proper began. Each priest took turn to pray, recite scriptures, deliver sermons and eulogise the late gentleman. Thereafter, groups and associations the late Adeyemi Isikalu belonged to, took turns to bid him farewell. The noble men of the Oriwu Club, Ikorodu, recited their club anthem and said nice things about their departed member. Engineer T. A. Ogunjimi, President of the club, attested that the late Adeyemi Isikalu was a founding member with registration number 27. They all walked in a single line to their seats and listened to other programmes of the church service.

The numerous eulogies poured on Mr. Adeyemi Olajide Isikalu truly revealed he was a man of good standing. Unlike the common insincere tributes paid at people’s funeral, Mr. Isikalu was honestly described by almost everyone, who had met him, in similar praise.  The tributes by his children were sincere and completely devoid of exaggeration. They described their father as a father, friend, confidant and an encourager. Though, they acknowledged the fact that he was not perfect, they all agreed their father was a person of high virtue, who treated people with respect.

One of the tributes by his son, Supo Isikalu reads, “O.C Gene as you were fondly called by your friends, you were always particular about living healthy and eating the right thing at the right time. You believed in hard work and honesty and you were ready to try any new business as long as it was clean and honest just to enable you to sustain your family.” Another tribute by his son, Adeola Isikalu, showed an unusual quality the late Adeyemi exhibited when he was alive. “A father like a mother, you were my everything,” he said. This was a touching remark, which showed that typical of mothers, men/fathers can equally be as caring to their children.

The late Adeyemi Isikalu was a United Kingdom trained Accountant and was installed Baale of Rolu Community, Parafa, Ikorodu. From the regale conduct of the Oriwu Club members at the funeral, it showed that the club was not only made of educated and successful men in the society, but men of the finest noble characters, both in public setting and in their homes. Many may wonder why the prestigious Oriwu Club is so exclusive but the reason is not farfetched.

The club requires only the finest as its members. The club chatter gives room for only well-educated men in Ikorodu division, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields… well-groomed men, who are financially buoyant to afford the membership form, as it costs close to a million naira. Its annual dues is equally not for people struggling to make ends meet. Most importantly, only men of noble standing in the society makes the membership list.

The club has notable men in the society ranging from, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, top notch Journalists, seasoned Administrators, Ministers, and Commissioners, all from Ikorodu division. They have contributed to the society at various fronts such as giving scholarships to students in Lagos State Polytechnic, buying patrol van for Onyabo vigilante group and opening of trust funds for the less privileged in the society.



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