The trio who are using their political appointments to help our people

For some time now, I have been criticizing people in Ikorodu, including top politicians and civil servants, who we fought for most of the time to occupy public offices. I don’t hate anyone like some might erroneously think. My bone of contention with them is very simple; I am only concerned about our community, which they claim to represent.

In the past, some of them, after landing a public appointment, see the office as their personal rights. They soon forget the community and abandon the people whenever they are approached for help.

These visionless public officials use their public appointments to amass personal wealth, build mansions and acquire luxury cars. They abandon the people they used as stepping ladder to climb to the top. We have some of them as Commissioners who focus on building lavish houses rather than focusing on the people. They relish the peck of office and enjoy being called honourable. It is against these background that I wrote in one of my recent columns that, rather than clamour for appointments for our people, we should request for infrastructures.

Today, in my column, I am seizing this moment to praise three worthy sons of Ikorodu, who are using their public offices to help the people. 

One of these terrific men is the Permanent Secretary of Health Service Commission, Dr. Eniayewu Ademuyiwa. Another one is a board member of LASUPEB and also a one-time council member of Lagos State Polytechnic, Honourable Dr. Saheed Ibikunle, and lastly, Honourable Jimmy Benson.

The trio had been doing wonderfully well in terms of giving support to their constituents and making sure that anyone from the division got help whenever they were approached. These men are always happy to help. They go out of their ways to assist except if the spot is a no-go-area or a matter of strict policy.

Dr. Ademuyiwa Eniayewu, a man with royal blood from the Rademo Ruling House in Ikorodu, had been doing a lot for people within his official confines. He ensured that almost all indigenes of Ikorodu got the support and help they sought from him. According to sources I spoke with, Eniayewu is always ready to help the workers surrounding him. Sources attested to the fact that Dr. Eniayewu is a no-nonsense civil servant, very focused, strict and fond of raising high standards wherever he works. He likes hardworking people and would go to any extent to support them.

According to people close to the medical Doctor, the number of medical practitioners in Ikorodu has increased, courtesy of Dr. Ademuyiwa Eniayewu.

He seldom talks; he is a good listener and chooses his words carefully before giving an answer so as not to make unavoidable commitments. His love and passion for Ikorodu earned him a chieftaincy title, Otunba Rademo of Ikorodu, conferred on him by the Ayangburen of Ikorodu. He has a supportive wife who is also from Ikorodu. Chief (Mrs.) Omolara Olawunmi Eniayewu is a senior medical personnel in the Lagos State Ministry of Health.  There is no doubt that when the story of indigenous men in the ministries who made Ikorodu proud is written, Dr. Eniayewu’s name would be prominently mentioned.

Dr. Saheed Ibikunle, is a young talented, brilliant gentleman who has a B.Sc. (Hons) Physics, M.Sc. Computer Science, M. Ed Education Administration, and a Ph.D. Education Admiration from the University of Lagos.  A strong member of the All Progressives Congress and was a two time board member of Lagos SUBEB. Since his appointment into SUBEB, those close to him said he has vowed to use his position to help people of the division he represents. No doubt, when the issues of teacher’s employment falls under his portfolio, like Dr. Eniayewu, he used the position to give slots to very qualified Ikorodu indigenes and ensured they got the teaching jobs.

About 70 to 80% of lists presented by the Obas in this division were accommodated in the recent employment exercise, courtesy of Dr. Ibikunle.

Most job seekers, not only from Ikorodu, were given due assistance. His humility, respect and diligence in his work stand him out among his peers. From the look of things, Dr. Saheed Ibikunle has many years and opportunities to serve his community in years to come.

Dr. Saheed Ibikunle shares this rare attribute with Jimi Benson. These two are among the few public figures who can walk freely in the community without being harassed. Their works and earnest public services have earned them special places among the people. Anywhere honourable Jimmy Benson entered in this town, it was always a warm reception for him because he had been a community man ready to help people. Jimi Benson, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, walked freely around town, a thing many politicos dared not attempt, else they would be mobbed. During the ENDSARS protest, when other politicians’ houses were looted, Jimmy’s house was spared. It showed how the people liked and respected him.

Aside giving support to the people in town, Jimi Benson had done a lot for vulnerable people like women, orphans and widows with empowerment programmes. Like Dr. Saheed Ibikunle, honourable Jimi Benson has unlimited opportunities in the division and the future is bright for him. The people of the community described him as a man who was always ready to help. Whenever he came to town, the indigents flocked around him and he was always relaxed and comfortable to be in their midst.

I am proud of these three men, who had done well for the town, unlike others before them, who used the public offices for personal aggrandizements. I will continue to report the exceptional deeds of these terrific men. I am not interested in anyone’s money at my age. I am almost 70;  my desires and aspirations are for the people of this division. I sincerely thank these men for their good works and I will keep praying for them.

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