Our views on Monzor, Oriwusun newspaper

Governor of Lagos State:

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the Publisher/CEO and indeed the entire staff of Oriwu Sun Newspaper on the occasion of your 35th anniversary celebrations. It has indeed been a long time coming as one of the pioneer newspapers in Lagos and Nigeria at large.

Oriwu Sun newspaper has continuously maintained integrity, fairness, and balance reportage.

It has also, over the 35 years, become a household name in the media space. This is undoubtedly a testament to the hard work, tenacity and dedication of the management and workforce of this newspaper.

On this most auspicious occasion, I wish your good selves continued acceptance and success in all endeavor.”

HON ABIKE DABIRI EREWA, Chairman/CEO, Nigeria Diaspora Commission and former member of the Federal House of Representatives.

Oriwu Sun is a national newspaper; though some see it as a community newspaper, I see it as a national newspaper.

I was particularly happy the day I walked into one office in Abuja and saw a copy of Oriwu Sun. I was excited and I quickly drew the attention of the person on whose table the paper laid that his paper is from my constituency and wondered how the person got it.

The terrain of community newspaper is difficult and full of frustration but I am happy that the Publisher, Monzor Olowosago, is a dogged fighter and has been able to sustain the paper over the years. I am proud that Oriwu Sun has attained an enviable height where it is now a household name.”

OPEYEMI BAMIDELE, Former Commissioner for Information, Lagos State:

What I have to say is that Oriwu Sun is a paper that has been able to carve out a niche for itself. For anyone who understands the concept of grassroots journalism very well and how it has been practiced all over the world, I mean civilized world, you would not subject to a kind of debate that Oriwu Sun had done well for this country, and when I say for this country, it is because it started the modernization process of grassroots journalism.

Today, you have a lot of grassroots papers in different parts of the country but a lot of style is adopted by this Oriwu Sun. “

YAKUB BALOGUN, Former Head of Service, Lagos State:

Oriwu Sun Newspaper is a paper that is full of truth. It is a unique and quality newspaper. It carries stories based on integrity, and one would have wished it was a daily paper. It is obviously a community paper. The best in Ikorodu for many years and could be the best in Nigeria or Africa because everybody must carve a niche for himself. You must develop yourself within the area where you have the best of capacity and capability and I think that is what he has done. That is why the paper is striving. A lot of people have tried over time to imitate his style but they have fizzled out.

I don’t know why but he has been able to sustain it. I congratulate him.”

PRINCE WASIU AGORO, Chairman, Imota Local Council Development Area (LCDA):

Oriwu Sun has been one of the best things that happened to Ikorodu division. I have been the follower of Oriwu Sun from very first publication till date. And I am impressed and happy that I am part of the success in the sense that I am from Ikorodu division and Oriwu Sun is the product of Ikorodu. So, whenever the paper is mentioned, I used to raise up my head high with a sense of pride and belonging.”

OTUNBA OLASUNKANMI TIJANI, Former Chairman Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area (LCDA):

Oriwu Sun as a newspaper is going places and I want to commend the efforts of the Publisher for doing a very nice job. At least, putting Ikorodu on a public focus across the State.”

OTUNBA SUBOMI BALOGUN, Chairman, First City Monument Bank:

I must say that Oriwu Sun has been extraordinarily successful in projecting Ikorodu division and the culture of the environment. I think the generations unborn of Ikorodu citizens would always appreciate the paper and its publisher.”

MR SAMUEL OLUKUNLE OJO, former Chief of Staff, Lagos State:

The newspaper has been a very inspiring and excellent newspaper in terms of packaging. It’s rather unbelievable that it’s just a community newspaper.

It ranks amongst very good magazines and dailies such as Punch and Guardian. I think the quality of the paper of those ones are not even better than this. It is thick, tough and the pictures are always very clear.”

SIR OLADIMEJI SHOWEMIMO, former President Oriwu Club, Ikorodu:

Well, the paper has imparted knowledge, information and cohesiveness to the community. It has added to the development of the society. It highlights the shortcomings of the government, organizations and individuals and brings individual and governmental activities to a focus. It is a way of harmonizing people’s desires and getting government and people in authority to make changes.”

SHEIKH YAHYA OSHOALA AJAGBEMOKEFERI (As-Samadani), Chief Imam Oriwu Central Mosque, Ikorodu:

Oriwu Sun as a paper is a pride of this community. It came out when it was exactly needed and thank God for the publisher who published it to bring about such document for people to read, enjoy and learn from because it contains many things. It is historical, full of social matters, governmental affairs; everything is there. The only thing remaining is the Islamic column but for all other things, I will give him kudos and also his staff.

The paper is standard and has international look. So, I thank God for him and staff.”

MR. LAWAL PEDRO (SAN), former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Lagos State:

Well, Oriwu Sun and its Publisher cannot be separated. Oriwu Sun for being alive till today has shown what hardwork, dedication and belief in what you do can achieve. Oriwu Sun, to me, is the best and the largest community newspaper in Nigeria as a whole. This is the first of its kind and to have spent thirty-five years is a thing worthy of celebrations.

I am happy for Oriwu Sun publication.”

HON. ADEYEMI IKUFORIJI, former Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly:

If I must tell the truth, I admire the guts of Alhaji Monzor Olowosago as a person and as a Publisher: I also admire his resilience and pushfullness. He is a very dynamic person who will not give up until he achieves his aim, especially when he needs the attention of a person.”

HRM, Oba Mudashiru AJIBADE AGORO, Ranodu of Imota, Oba:

Oriwu Sun is the first community newspaper, which has brought fame to Ikorodu division. I celebrate the Publisher for establishing and sustaining a great media house like that for many decades. I pray that God will continue to increase him and his media house. This great thing will remain permanent with us.

JUSTICE SEDTEN OGUNSANYA, Director of Citizens Mediation Center:

It is a very comprehensive paper. Its scope is very wide; I like the features and I read it a lot.

BARRISTER LEKAN IJELU: Ever since Oriwu Sun has grown, I have also grown enough to appreciate the paper’s essence and the impact it is bringing to Ikorodu division.

Through the newspaper, many developmental projects have come into Ikorodu. Many areas that needed development, the paper had brought them out for the Nigerian people to see; all these have always elicited the intervention of government.

They will come and they will correct what the paper had written about.

Look at the success story of Oriwu Sun. As a community newspaper, it is enjoying the readership of everybody in Nigeria; the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian society know about it. I hope and pray that those who desire to set up a community newspaper like the Publisher would appreciate the value of hard work, perseverance, endurance and focus to succeed like Oriwu Sun.

I congratulate the Publisher of Oriwu Sun Newspaper on the 35 years anniversary of excellent community journalism for giving Ikorodu and its environs quality, informative and balanced journalism.

Permit me to say that, your Community newspaper played a prominent role in the appointment of our new Oba. Your style of reporting is objective; hence, Ikorodu people have spoken. God has chosen Prince Kabiru Adewale Shotobi as the new Ayangbure of Ikorodu.

I want to thank Oriwu Sun paper once again for excellent journalism in Ikorodu community.

MR HAKEEM ODUMOSU, Lagos State Commissioner of Police:

Oriwu Sun has set the tone for community journalism in Nigeria. With their quality of production, rich content and experienced reporters, they have set a high standard. More so, I am impressed by the fact that Oriwu Sun newspaper is abiding by the principles of investigative journalism, I have seen how it has refused to be used as a political weapon by politicians. I want to implore the management of Oriwu Sun to keep up with the perseverance. It is not bed of roses for them; I really understand.”

DR ABDULAZEEZ ABIOYE LAWAL, former Rector, Lagos State Polytechnic:

The paper is wonderful! I have knowledge of events happening around Ikorodu through Oriwu Sun. My advice is that the paper should have wider circulations so that more people would have access to it.

PRINCE ADESEGUN OGUNLEYE, former Head of Service, Lagos State:

Happy birthday Monzor Olowosago, omo baba oni beer! Congratulations on the 35th anniversary of your community newspaper. While others have failed, you have succeeded through a dint of hard work, commitment, selflessness, honesty of purpose and faithfulness to your profession as a Journalist.

I remember your doggedness, when you were on attachment to Governor’s office as correspondence from Concord Newspaper in middle 80s. Your reputation then left no one in doubt that if you had the opportunity of establishing a newspaper house of your own, you would make a success of it.

The landmark achievement of Oriwu Sun is, therefore, commendable and worthy of emulation for the upcoming generation who may decide to go into Journalism as a profession.

Monzor, congratulations and more grease to your elbow.


Quite delightful to wish you a special Happy Birthday as it coincides with the 35th anniversary of your indisputable model publication. Oriwu Sun. As someone, who was also schooled in journalism, I am particularly impressed that you have, through your publication, re-defined for better, the ethos of community journalism. Yours has been an uncommon success story in the seemingly jinxed terrain of community journalism.

You have triumphed, where thousands have failed and brought to Nigeria, a commendable feat represented by the virtues of people-oriented journalism rooted in matters of immediate interest and benefits to your community and beyond.

Three and half decades on and still holding a richly inked pen, I can’t but simply say: WRITE ON, Baaroyin of our generation.


OTUNBA OLUGBENGA AJENISE-KUTI, Chattered Accountant and Developer:  In the early 1980s, when I returned from the United States, I met Oriwu Sun as one of the early community newspapers in Nigeria. Since then, the newspaper has remained the foremost community newspaper in Nigeria. The paper has consistently focused on covering happenings and given divergent views in Ikorodu division for 35 years. I would say the Oriwu Sun progress is commendable and I wish Monzor more successful years ahead.

HRM, OBA SEMIU KASALI, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, Ikorodu:

I want to congratulate Oriwu Sun for coming this far, by becoming the leading community newspaper in Nigeria.

If I am right, the paper has created a niche for itself as the doyen community newspaper in Nigeria and it has earned global reputation. Hardly will you visit any government office in Alausa without seeing a copy of Oriwu Sun newspaper. I want to pray that the Almighty will continue to protect Olowosago and keep the newspaper house growing.

The media, being the fourth estate of the realm, has great impact in the society. Nobody will dispute that information dissemination is key in the society. I want to state that this palace will continue to partner with the paper to the glory of God. My advice to them is that they should not be distracted by what people are say, but keep focusing on the job.

There is always avenue for improvement and I urge the newspaper to keep adapting to new technologies to enable them achieve their purpose.

ALHAJI M.T. AMUSA, Proprietor, HOMAT Group of Schools:

My dear brother, happy birthday sir. May Almighty God continue to shower His blessings on you and the entire family. In fact, you are an achiever that has touched the life of others positively. Your immense contribution at NASFAT alone cannot be quantified. Leaders of tomorrow will always be trained to become used to themselves and the entire society with the conducive classrooms you provided for effective teaching and learning.

May Allah reward you abundantly.

Oriwu Sun Newspaper, having been established for the past 35 years, shows that the production is based on truth, facts and quality.

For a company to have operated for such long years shows that the organization can operate anywhere in the world successfully. Your services have indeed contributed greatly to the development of Ikorodu Division. Wishing you more success and productive years ahead.

OTUNBA FATAL OLAJIDE OLUKOGA, former Chairman Ikorodu Oga Development Association:

The publisher of Oriwu Sun Newspaper, AIhaji. Monzor Olowosago is a very hardworking person and a prolific worker. He is also very honest, responsible and philanthropic. He is a very good man who is always ready to stand by his belief. I like him so much because he is jovial, sociable, caring and also he looks out for his friends. My advice to him now that he is getting older is that he should not stop doing what he is used to I mean he should continue to be good to humanity and be closer to God.


Whaoh! How time flies! It’s just like yesterday when a well pre-conceived idea and a wonderful thought was given birth to before our own eyes. To Allah be the glory, blessings and thanks.

Today, we ae blessed to witness what that baby turned out to become – mighty, famous and prosperous, even more than some of us that witnessed its birth.

A huge congratulation to you brother Monzor for a job well done. Bibire ko se f’owo ra. Baba Olowosago and your amiable mum that passed to great glory must have been so proud of your accomplishments, just like every right thinking persons who do not bear you any contempt or jealousy. So proud of you my brother, my friend and my mentor.

MR. BASHIR ALIMI AROWOSOLA (a.k.a London Teacher), former Oriwu Sun Vendor:

Since I have been vendoring Oriwu Sun newspaper, I always sold more copies than any other papers in Nigeria and I equally made huge profits from the paper as a result of its colourful package and well-articulated content.”


Oriwu Sun newspaper has made Ikorodu Division proud. Most of the many community newspapers which started at same time across Lagos, have all folded up, but the Oriwu Sun has survive the time. I love Oriwu Sun for its objective reportage, always giving space for dissenting views on societal matters. I would like to advise them to keep up the good job and I wish them many years of success.

ENGINEER HOB LAWAL, Managing Director / CEO of Consteng Limited:

I would like to say Oriwu Sun has performed well in terms of community reporting and publishing. It has been giving to Ikorodu in every time. The 35th anniversary is a great achievement for the publisher and his staff. I wish the publisher more strength and success.

ALHAJI KAMORUDEEE BOLA KASHIMAWO, Chairman, Ansaruldeen, Ikorodu: I thank God that in my lifetime Oriwu Sun attained 35 years of existence. Things were rough at that time, there were attacks on the paper from different quarters, Monzor Olowosago persevered and scaled through the huddles. Though, Monzor’s father was wealthy, he never depended on his father. His paper has survived many turbulent years, those days Ikorodu wasn’t this large, so it was easy for people to target him.

Through thick and thin he made it this far. I love Oriwu Sun newspaper for its genuine stories, with reports read in the paper I can safely argue with people over the latest happenings because I know the stories are from credible source.

OBA KAZEEM OLAONIPEKUN BADAMOSI, the Ologijo of Ogijo Kingdom.

Oriwu Sun has been a community newspaper I grew up to know. It serves as a medium of spreading important news about Ikorodu division and Lagos State. I count myself highly favoured to know the publisher as he has helped championed our story in Ikorodu Division. Oriwu Sun is the most profound newspaper in Ikorodu and I am happy we have such paper in our division. 

CHIEF WAHAB AMUSA, the Senlu of Imota: 

Oriwu Sun is known beyond Ikorodu division and around the country for its unique achievements, for long. Oriwu Sun is our own and we all embrace it.

The paper has endeared us to its news activities and it has brought us joy for years now.


Oriwu Sun is Tiwan’tiwa newspaper in Ikorodu Division. It has been on the vanguard for years and is still growing stronger and getting better by the day. I first heard of Oriwu Sun when I was in primary school, it is one of the best newspapers we used for practical in school. I congratulate the publisher for his unrelenting effort over the years. 

OBA ADESEGUN BOLAJI ALOWONLE, the Elemuren of Emuren Kingdom. 

I have known the chairman (Publisher) of Oriwu sun for over 40 years now. Oriwu Sun has been used for the good of the community. If not for the chairman (publisher) no one will know about the happenings in Ikorodu. I count myself fortunate to know the chairman of Oriwu Sun and I admire his personal qualities. He has managed the press well.

FRANCIS OWOYOMI, Account and HR expert, Aruna, Ikorodu:

A lot of newspapers have come and gone but Oriwu Sun newspaper remained.  It is good to know they have been in the business for about 35 years. Kudos!”

MRS. OGUNGBEMI, Educationist, Jubilee Estate. (Retired Teacher and Administrator from Ikorodu High School):

 I have been hearing and we had the opportunity to benefit from Oriwu Sun newspaper.  They showcased our event some years back when I was still in service… Good to hear they are still on…”

BOLAJI ISIKALU, Media Practitioners

Oriwu Sun newspaper is a pioneer and has consistently practiced sustainable community journalism spanning more than three decades.

Oriwu sun have been resilient and pragmatic despite the threats and disruption of the media space posed by the social media and bloggers. They have moved with technological trends by also publishing periodic updates online.

Oriwu Sun is indeed the pride of Ikorodu division in Nigeria and Diaspora.”

ADEDEJI SURAJU, an automobile Mechanic, Low Cost Estate, Ikorodu:

“I am happy for Oriwu Sun newspaper at 35. The founder himself is like our father. May God continue to help them go higher”  

OSONDU AGBO, Phone and Accessories Trader, David, Ikorodu:

“I have seen and sometimes read Oriwu Sun.  Am surprised that they are still around for this long. Apart from the National newspapers, I don’t think I see any other newspapers that is based in Ikorodu. Good to hear they are already 35yrs in business.”

DAVID ONYERI, Resident, Apeka Estate Ikorodu:

“Although have not read the Oriwu Sun newspaper myself, I know they have been around for some time.  Not surprised to hear that they are already 35 years in existence. 

That’s a long time.”

“JUSTICE UBARU, Public Relations Expert, Agric Ikorodu:

“It takes a lot for community newspapers to survive.  So to see Oriwu Sun newspapers still publishing for over three decades is highly commendable. It shows resilience and focus.”

MISHAELGOLD ODUBU, Journalist and CEO, Citrine Events and Logistics Ikorodu:

“It takes more than the call of duty of duty for Oriwu Sun newspaper to continue to publish for 35 years and still counting.  I have seen newspapers and magazines spring up and fizzle out here in Ikorodu. Most of them met Oriwu Sun newspaper and quickly go extinct but the sun of Oriwu Sun newspaper is still shining. Bravo.”

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