Our chairmen and insensitive press conference on security

Few weeks ago, our chairmen in Ikorodu called a press conference where they spoke about security of Ikorodu division. The press conference was as a result of backlash from some notable people in Ikorodu over the chairmen’s incompetence to tackle the security challenges of the community. The castigation of the chairmen which came from the leaders, notably the Kaabiyesi, Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi, Odofin Adewunmi Ogunsanya, Asiwaju Steve Anifowoshe and other key stakeholders during a breakfast meeting with the Ayangbure, was a bitter pill for the chairmen.
During the breakfast with the Kaabiyesi, many leaders who attended were surprised that many of the stakeholders, especially the council chairmen who should benefit from the forum, were conspicuously missing.
The council chairmen, who had the opportunity to explore many opportunities during the breakfast meeting, were not in attendance.
The organisers of the breakfast were appalled by the absence of the council bosses and regarded them as bunch of irresponsible public administrators. In response to the organisers’ tongue lashing our chairmen launched an attack on the organisers because of this open chastisement. Rather than reflecting on the admonition, take blame for their actions and accept their obvious faults, they organised a press conference to attack the Kabiyesi and Odofin Adewunmi Ogunsanya, saying that traditional leaders have no authority to organise any security programme without involving them who are the chief security officers of the councils.

They announced that they are going to launch their own security programme in conjunction with the Lagos State Security Trust Fund, which they believe, will be better than the existing efforts made by the stakeholders, and theirs is to be launched at a later date. We find their response childish, insensitive and irresponsible.
Rather than giving support to the already established Ikorodu Peace Initiative programme, and support High Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya, who has invested millions of naira to fund the security outfits in the division, by bringing in many vehicles, motorcycles and security gadgets for peace to reign so that the people of the division can sleep with their eyes closed. The chairmen are so proud of themselves, forgetting that if there were to be proper election in recent time, none of them would get closer to the office, but for the influence of their political godfathers.
If not for politics, some of these chairmen would not fit to be employed as clerks by High Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya and Asiwaju Steve Anifowoshe. Because they are power drunk, they believe that somebody is challenging their constituent authority.
At any rate, our council chairmen claimed they are working out their own security outfit. One thing this paper believes is that apart from the fact that it is an avenue for them to embezzle council fund, we have the premonition, based on past antecedents, that their planned security structure will not work.
These chairmen are full of themselves that they believe they are something special as long as they are on that seat. However, they should look to the past chairmen who had occupied that position where are they today?
Lastly, we are imploring them to put their ego aside and join forces with the Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative established by the leaders of thoughts for the betterment of all in the division. Let these chairmen reflect on their arrogance, they will realise that they have failed to do the right thing in the first place.
They should take cue from Hon. Jimi Benson who is performing incredibly without arguing with anyone or blowing his trumpet. Like Oba Shotobi said, they are bunch of irresponsible politicians who have nothing to offer but only to go there without making significant impact in the community.

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