Obas Shotobi, Kasali, Sotonwa, Odofin Ogunsanya support community policing forum with N1.5million

Security challenges have remained the hydra headed monster societies across the world are battling to resolve on daily basis. The situation seems to be deteriorating as newer challenges are springing up. The Covid-19 epidemic, which has threatened humanity, has not only slowed things, it created an impasse where many lost their sources of living and others became desperate for survival.
The resultant effect of this was the rising threat of all sorts of crime. Robbery, pilferage, burglary became frequent occurrences across towns in Nigeria. In the wake of economic recession and dwindling revenue resources for governments, it became apparent government can no longer protect its people like it used. Hence, Nigerians have started exploring means of protecting themselves and their properties.
Stakeholders in Ikorodu, led by the traditional institutions have been exploring many means of curbing the rising tides of insecurity in Ikorodu division. Sometimes, in 2020, the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabiru Shotobi enjoined religious and traditional groups in the division to pray for peace and security in the land. Muslim and Christian faithful across the division prayed, fasted and offer supplication to God, while the traditional representatives sacrificed several black cows over the issue of insecurity.

However, Oba Shotobi has an open door policy, which encourages a holistic approach towards security challenges in the land. This gave many progressives groups in Ikorodu division to approach the royal stool for solutions to the problem of insecurity in the land.
As part of their contributions and concerns for the neighbourhood, Community Development Committees (CDC), across the six local government councils in Ikorodu division approached the royal stool with a supportive plan in curbing rising tide of security challenges. In what they tagged ‘Operation Know Your Neighbour’, the joint forum of the Community Development Association, and the central committee, launched a campaign to establish a programme where residents will take stock of their fellow tenants. The campaign, which was launched on August 12, 2021, at the Ayangbure’s palace, saw the convention of traditional rulers, police chiefs, paramilitary agencies, politicians, landlords, and pressmen in one gathering at the Oba Oyefusi Pavilion.

Under the aegis of Community Policing Forum (CPF), the Ikorodu division’s CDC (Community Development Committee) demonstrated how the new plan works. The committee argued that criminals live amongst us in the community but are difficult to identify due to lack of records to show who lives in the community and who does not live within. Their position is that, with a document accounting for every resident in a community, it will be easy to identify intruders. Hence, they proposed that all residents be registered with the CDA officials to enable them generate database of residents in every community.
The Community Policing Forum members also gave security tips on how to be vigilant. Chairman of the community-policing forum in Ikorodu division, Pastor Taiwo Kayode, presented a speech in which he highlighted the role of community leaders and residents in promoting security in the neighbourhood.
In his speech, the chairman outlined 15 key points on security checks. Pastor Taiwo urged people to endeavor to know their neighbours, be observant, non-partisanship, cooperate with local security forces, and take note of happenings around our environment.

As part of the ‘Know Your Neighbour’ campaign, the committee chairmen across Ikorodu division will receive data form to be filled and submitted by residents. This will form the database of every CDA in the division. Also, the group plans to visit schools in Ikorodu division to enlighten school wards on the importance of imbibing good morals. They used the opportunity to also solicit fund from the stakeholders who attended the forum. The group’s representatives unveiled flex banners before the assembly and appealed to the dignitaries to lunch them with cash.
Traditional rulers who responded to the initiative rendered their advice and made generous contributions to the community-policing forum. On the directives of Oba Shotobi, the Odofin of Ikorodu, High Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya, donated the sum of one million naira to the forum. The Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, Oba Semiudeen Kasali who is a trained lawyer, advised the CDC to subject their new document to experienced lawyers to help them tidy up against legal loopholes. The Adeboruwa of Igbogbo donated the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira to the forum. A notable chief of Ikorodu kingdom who is the Olumale of Eluku, Chief Olabanji Oreagba donated the sum of one hundred thousand naira.
HRM Oba Kabiru Shotobi, who gave the closing remark, donated the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira to the forum and urged members of the CDC to subject the new document to scrutiny by giving it to senior lawyers for peer review, noting that some of the residents might prove difficult by challenging the idea of releasing their private information on a community database.
The Ikorodu paramount ruler thanked all the stakeholders who participated in the forum and appreciated the group of lawyers from the Nigeria Bar Association, (NBA), Ikorodu chapter for their attendance.
Oba Shotobi spoke on efforts different groups, individuals and the traditional institution having putting into security matters in the division, adding that High Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya has purchased a yet to be launched patrol vehicles for security forces in the kingdom. He said the vehicles, which include ten patrol cars and twenty motorbikes, will be handed over to the security agencies Ikorodu very soon.
Vice chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikorodu chapter, Mrs. Toun Adekoya in her own remarks, said the initiative is a laudable one and the legal group is willing to offer their support anytime the committee needs help. “Anything done on security is not too much”, she added.

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