MURDER AT NOON: Another cultist, Alaba killed along Owolowo st

After several months of relative peace, cultists in Ikorodu resumed their supremacy war on Monday, December 2, 2019, as a suspected chieftain of a rival cult group was killed in the latest attack.

According to the report gathered, the incident, which took place around Owolowo area of Ikorodu, was said to be a reprisal attack by suspected members of the Eiye confraternity who were said to be avenging the death of their members killed recently by Aiye cult group.

The slain cultist, simply identified as Alaba, was said to be a chieftain of the Aiye cult group.

Alaba, according to report, had been placed under strict surveillance by his attackers for several months as he was not residing in Ikorodu but only come around to operate.

On that fateful day, he was said to have gone to Owolowo for an unknown mission when he was sighted by his attackers on a motorcycle.

The attackers, who were believed to be members of the Eiye cult group, immediately pursued the motorcycle in an attempt to apprehend Alaba, but he was said to have jumped off the motorcycle and took cover inside a popular house (name withheld) on Owolowo street.

The assailants reportedly stormed the building in an attempt to forcefully apprehend him but they were restrained by the occupants of the building who all rushed out in fears to call for help as they were caught between the devil and the red sea.

When they could not get entry through the front door due to the resistance by the occupants, the attackers were said to have moved to the back of the building and broke down a door leading into the house after which they entered and gruesomely shot and butchered Alaba to death before fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, some of the residents in their reactions, stated that the latest attack by the cultists is an indication that the issue of cultism in Ikorodu community is a serious menace that cannot be wished away without serious effort.

A printer, who owns a printing press around the scene of the attack but who did not want his name in print, told our reporter that all the shop owners and other people working in the area have been closing earlier since the incident occurred for fear of reprisal attacks by the cultists.

He explained that the incident has really affected their operations and that they now live in fear as they feel that they are no longer safe in the area.

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