Lions Club renovates Oba Igbogbo palace

On August 14, 2020, Oba Semiu Kasali, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo hosted members of Igbogbo Lions Club in his palace. The special occasion was significant to the kingdom as the service club partnered with the Oba to renovate his official palace. Right from the entrance to the interior, the Adeboruwa palace had a sparking new look as it glimmers with assorted colours of white and grey. The beautiful ribbons covering the doors and windows will signal a visitor that something special was about to be unveiled.

At about 11 am, the palace was already crowded with club members of the humanitarian Lion Club. The royal premises, lined with assorted cars belonging to the members of the club, was filled to the brim. Some of the club members, in their yellow regalia adorned with the club insignia, were busy arranging gift items meant to be donated to the palace of Adeboruwa of Igbogbo. Industrial-type waste bins were lined up in fine rolls, all carrying stickers of Lion Club and their club banners flagged on the palace grills.

When the Oba’s car drove into the palace, everyone stood up, and performing the required obeisance by lying prostrate to greet His Royal Majesty, ‘Kaaabiesi!’ The Oba acknowledged the honour by waving his haired scepter. He moved into his private chambers for thirty minutes while the people put finishing touches to the arrangements. When they took their seats, awaiting the Oba, the traditional Chiefs took their place and made way for his formal appearance.

At 12 noon, the official palace spokesperson announced the arrival of Oba Kasali as he walked in, everyone stood up and performed the obligatory reverence to the king, and the men all lay prostrate while the women went on their knees.

The Adeboruwa waved his haired-scepter and took his seat on the royal stool. The MC took over the microphone and announced the reasons they were gathered. He introduced top members of the Lion Club in Ikorodu by announcing the presence of international Lion’s Club Director, Engineer HOB Lawal, a man described as the light of the club in Ikorodu for his international achievements. Notably among the club men was the District Governor of Lion Club in Lagos, Mr. Tokunbo Arowomoleyan. Chairpersons of the various zones of the club in Ikorodu were officially recognised.

The District Governor, Lion Tokunbo was invited to address the gathering and he gracefully thanked Oba Semiu Kasali for hosting them and for giving them the opportunity to serve Igbogbo Kingdom. He explained that the local zone of the club picked interest in the Oba’s palace and chose to help refurbish it. He said their plan wouldn’t have been possible to realise if the Oba had not consented to the proposal. Mr. Tokunbo explained that the club’s primary focus is engaging on sustainable environmental projects. “We are here, not just to make contribution, but also to express our own way of life.”

There are humane principles guiding our conduct which we strongly believe in; our code is, ‘Live and let live’. If things get difficult, we let go for the other party to take it all. After all, there will aways be opportunities to do another one,” he enunciated.

The Secretary to Igbogbo Development Group, Engineer Lateef Oduntan was invited to respond to the speech by the District Governor. He greeted the Oba in veneration and thanked the club for their thoughtfulness. Engineer Oduntan encouraged them to keep up their good work. Speaking on behalf of the palace Chiefs, High Chief Tajudeen Oresanya, the Odofin of Igbogbo Kingdom, thanked the club members for bringing progressive project to the kingdom.

The Odofin used the medium to urge the club members to do something about the dysfunctional youths in the community. He believed the club members could woo some of the fraternity boys to change their vicious ways. Chief Orasanya explained that the fraternity boys could be helped to channel their energies into positive activities, “Those boys who call themselves ‘Aiye’ and the rest who call themselves ‘Eiye’ could be converted into your club, where they will help the society for good,” he said.

The revered Engineer HOB Lawal was invited to give a speech and he majestically delivered a succinct comment about the days’ event. HOB Lawal said he was particularly happy that the local zone had chosen to refurbish the royal palace and donate other items to the royal court.

He said he was even happier when he learnt that the district governor of the club was going to attend the programme. He presented alcoholic beverages to the Oba and thanked the chiefs for granting the club audience. The traditional Chief Apena, who is custodian of the palace shrine, accepted the drinks and sampled the bottles of gin. With his assistant, the Apena made libation and blessed the people for their goodwill to the kingdom. After his dedication and blessings of the drinks, a Christian devotee was invited to bless the gift and members of the club. This was followed by prayers by a Muslim cleric who prayed and recited Qu’ranic verses in Arabic language. 

When Oba Semiu Kasali finally spoke, he was meticulous and regaled. The Oba thanked everyone for being present. He said in a calm tone, “I heard every prayers and remarks made here; deep down in my heart, I pray for you also.” His Royal Majesty appealed to the feudal factions of the local zones of Lion Club to make up their differences. A revelation that was shocking to the District governor and the International Director, who promised to launch an inquiry into the case and find ways to resolve the dispute among the members.

The District Governor of the club, capped the speech with a special presentation. He affirmed that the Kabiesi cannot officially join the club due to his status, yet pleaded with him to be a honourary member of the club. Upon the Obas’s acceptance, he was decorated with official lapel of Lion Club and presented glass plaques with the club’s code of conduct.

The presentation was followed by an unveiling of the wall plaques at the palace entrance and another one in the official office of the Oba. The Odofin encouraged the club members to procure a befitting official desk for the Oba and supply electronic gadgets for the king’s use while in office. The members, especially the district governor and HOB Lawal promised to supply the items, soonest.

Speaking with the press, Oba Semiu Kasali said he appreciated the gesture of the club to renovate his palace. The Oba also urged them to join the campaign to convert the devious cult boys, who have become a menace to the community. He hoped that efforts to rehabilitate and absorb the frat boys into positive groups like the humanitarian clubs, will be a thing of delight to everyone in the society. The District Governor also reiterate the club’s objectives and tenets, “As an associate we are part of the community and we are friends of the environment.”

“The central tenet of the club is to enhance the environment and creating sustainable, cleaner and safer community for all.”

The event ended after a vote of thanks by one the club members. Traditional chiefs, members of Lion Club and their executives posed for rounds of photographs, after which the Oba retired into his chalet for other matters with community people while his chiefs, led by the Odofin, gathered for another round of meeting. The visiting club members and press men took turns to leave the royal court after the usual niceties.

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