How S.O.B Agunbiade emerged national chairman Association of Majority Leaders

It was another moment of joy for Ikorodu division as Honourable S.O.B. Agunbiade, the Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly and representative of the Ikorodu Constituency 1 was recently elected national chairman of the Nigerian Majority Leaders’ Forum.

In a televised news in second week of December 2021, Honourable Agunbiade, in company of his counterparts from across the thirty six states in Nigeria, spoke on their resolve to converge in Lagos.

Dispelling unsubstantiated news that S.O.B. invited his colleagues from the thirty six states of Nigeria, the LAHA Majority Leader said, “I did not convene them, it was a resolve of the Majority Leaders of the states house of assembly in Nigeria under the Nigeria Majority Leaders Forum. The forum started in 2019 and it started with a steering committee to put structure together. After which the committee decided to come to Lagos for their convention and we decided to come to southwest to host convention and to hold election. By the grace of God, I emerged the chairman of the forum. By the virtue of being the majority of the Lagos State House of Assembly, I was their host. It was a convention of the majority leaders of Nigeria in Lagos on December 4, 2021.”

Honourable Agunbiade said that members of the forum committed to working together with the Speakers of their respective state assemblies. “There is no way we can’t work with the Speakers because they are the primus officers in the state assemblies, they epitomized the assemblies we are officers under them.

We just need to come together to assist them to form policies, to deepen democracy and be readily available for their directives.”

Honourable Agunbiade is serving a fourth term in the Lagos House of Assembly with many records of developmental projects in his constituency.  He is the founder and convener of IREP (Ikorodu Division Rebirth Foundation), a movement tasked with reviving cultural values in Ikorodu division and. one of his landmark initiations through IREP is the Asa annual carnival which was aimed at attracting development and foster unity amongst the people of Ikorodu.

For his numerous contributions to Ikorodu division, S.O.B Agunbiade has been conferred with many awards, chieftaincy titles and honours; he is the Opomulero of Ikorodu Kingdom.

Since his new position as the chairman of the Nigerian Majority Leaders’ Forum, many distinguished figures, including traditional rulers, fellow politicians, businessmen and notable figures in Lagos have called to congratulate him.

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