How children, Ogbara family celebrated Alhaja Mutiat Alake Ogbara’s fidau, final burial ceremony; a legendary businesswoman who dedicated her life to philanthropy, Islam

December 14, 2020 marked the eight day Fridaus prayer for the late billionaire grandmother, Alhaja Mutiat Alake Ogbara. The prayer which was held in her private estate at the Ebute was attended by more than hundred Islamic priests. Representatives of notable masjids in Ikorodu town had big priests who attended the 8 day prayer for the late Mutiat Ogbara.

It was said that she contributed a lot the cause of propagating Islam in Ikorodu as she built a mosque named after her, the Mutiat Ogbara Central Mosque. And contributed immensely to the establishment of many other mosques in the division.

During the prayer session, different Islamic clerics who spoke at the Fridaus eulogised the late Alhaja Mutiat Ogbara for her exemplary life and supporting the cause of Islam with her personal wealth. One of the speaker who delivered the exhortation (waasi), used the moment to chastise the many wealthy men who attended the special prayers. He urged them to amend their ways to choose to do right in the society as death is coming to everyone irrespective of their status. The cleric reminded them that the punishment of evil people are severe eternal pain and torment from Allah. But those who repent and seek forgiveness form Allah will receive recompense.

The priest urged the rich to support and help families in severe penury instead of investing their money on the vanities of life.

Citing Quranic verses, the priest warned the selfish and greedy rich in the gathering to desist from corrupt practices in the society. He also chastised his fellow clerics who are perverted and follow sinful ways. Citing some of his misguided fellow priests who adopts lofty titles, court friendship with corrupt rich people in the society. He warned them all to desist from such destructive ways and seek Allah’s blessing.

While the prayer session was ongoing, some notable men and women in Ikorodu arrived and took their seat. Representative of the Ayangburen of Ikorodu with the replica of the crown atop the staff and another one from the Sekumade of Ipakodo both arrived. They took seats amidst  among the of priests. The religious compere who took over the microphone acknowledged the presence of those in attendance.

The priest in charge of the offerings and donations started praying and announcing contributions from eminent people and families and organisations. The envelope of cash sent in by Oba Shotobi was announced, the amount was undisclosed. The Sekumade of Ipakodo donated ten thousand naira to the Imam.

Abike Dabiri Erewa sent fifty thousand naira cash, the Odube Family donated fifty thousand naira cash, B.O. Benson donated an undisclosed amount of cash, Wing Commander Mistura Olowosago donated two thousand five hundred naira. Representatives of Oriwu Central Mosque, Mutiat Central Mosque, Ipakodo Central Mosque and several other masjids in Ikorodu all sent in their contribution.

Publisher of Oriwu Sun donated some undisclosed amount.

Most prominent families in Ikorodu sent in their cash donations to the ecclesiastical affair.

After the prayer session came time for refreshment. The organisers packaged generous looking hand packs for their guests in career packs. The caterers took long to prepare food and so, there was a delay in serving people with food. Some couldn’t wait and left while others patiently waited.

The several hectares residential land of late Alhaja Mutiat Ogbara was arranged with massive cone-style tents and the floor was laid with green carpets.

The Greek-like living mansions were painted all-white and impeccably adored with flowers. The organisers shared face shield and nose masks to guests and the compound and ensured there was enough seats for everyone.

The Ogbara family members were present including Kazeem Ogbara. But the Africa’s riches woman Folorunsho Alakija was conspicuously missing at the event. Her absence stirred wave of questions among many attendants.

No one could tell why the billionaire woman was missing from the event.

Towards the late evening when the caterers prepared foods, there was surplus for those who endured. The humanitarian millionaire Chief Steve Anifowoshe attended, so was Aremo Adeniyi Ogunsanya.

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