Hardworking, resourceful Odeyemi to represent Ikorodu in the state civil service commission

Mr. Adesina Mohammed Odeyemi has been judiciously appointed by the state governor to represent Ikorodu in the Lagos Civil Service Commission. An appointment many considered a round peg in a round hole. This is due to the proven personality, charisma and past record of Mr. Odeyemi. He is a young brilliant man, easy going and reliable since his days in office as permanent secretary of education in Lagos state. Many vouched for his kind gestures towards people and how he identified himself with the people of Ikorodu. It was said that Odeyemi would make help readily available for those indigenes who needed help in his former capacity as Permanent Secretary. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has no doubt made the right choice by appointing Mr. Odeyemi to fill the Ikorodu slot in the Lagos Civil Service Commission.

Adesina Odeyemi is a full blood Ikorodu breed, his mother is from the popular Ogidi family in Ikorodu where he built a personal abode at Erunwe-Ikorodu. Before his appointment, he has been a close brother of Oriwu Sun newspaper Publisher, Alhaji Monzor Olowosago whose father is from Ogidi family. People of Ikorodu have no doubt that Odeyemi will be of immense help to all and sundry. The Ikorodu people are so happy about the choice of appointment for the reason that the slot was not given to a crocked politician who served as commissioner in the past. The erstwhile commissioner was notorious for his selfish attitude, self-aggrandizement and questionable amassing of wealth.

Reliable sources alleged that the former commissioner went about lobbying for the slot of the civil service commissioner, but unfortunately for him, those who abhor his crocked ways rejected his biding. Many complained that he has no moral right to seek for another term to represent Ikorodu after he has proven himself not trustworthy while he was a commissioner in the state. Then all he did was buy palatable houses, plush cars and chase women around town. Before the appointment of the former commissioner, he was living in penury and in a pitiable condition, but soon became arrogant and uppity after becoming a state commissioner. The people have indicated that they don’t want anyone who misuses public trust.

Those close to Odeyemi believe that he will make positive impact just like former commissioner Engineer Oshinowo who represented Ikorodu division in the last four years. He has proven himself worthy of being the people’s custodian of trust and he has wide acclaimed support from the people. We wish him more grease to his elbow.

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