Eruwen landlords embark on multi-million naira road rehabilitation

Those familiar with the Erunwen road will understand how bad the access road has been. During rainy season like we are now experiencing, the situation of the road always deplores to an appalling state.
At the slightest rainfall, the over five kilometers long road becomes an eyesore with scaring gullies scattered along its whole length.
It was allegedly said that residents, through the CDA representatives, have written letters to the Council and State Governments over their predicament with the bad road condition, but up till now, there has not been any response from neither government at both the local and state level. They believe the lack of response is due to the fact that the road will cost a fortune to fix.
But the people of Erunwen could no longer wait for help endlessly, as they have taken a decisive step to start reconstructing the road till the government comes to their aid.
The unique people rallied round and mobilized themselves to commence a rehabilitation of the most threatening parts of the road.
Residents of the area, who spoke with our reporters, said that it was a concerted effort by people in the community to contribute towards the road project. According to some of the residents who spoke with the Oriwu Sun, each house in Erunwen was levied to pay certain amount for the road project.

As part of the resolution, landlords were asked to personally fund the construction of the drainage in front of their houses.
The landlords are to be responsible for the fixing of the length of gutter in front of their house to the point where their property meet with another landlord’s property.
According to residents, one of the landlords in the area, Otunba Akinola Awomodu, donated a huge sum of money for the road project as part of his support to the campaign to rehabilitate the road.
A resident told us that they are not waiting for the government anymore as it has deteriorated so bad that people spend a lot of money fixing their cars whenever they drive on the road.
As part of the solution to the problem, the people believe that when they construct a proper drainage system along the road, it will save the road from further degeneration. They believe this move will help them prevent further damage and vehicular traffic till government will finally wade in to tar the road in whole.
When our reporters visited the construction scene, work was still in progress and the road is fairly passable as the tractor was busy leveling the plane while other roadside drainage work were being done on some houses’ front.
Meanwhile, residents of Erunwen are still appealing to the government to respond to their plea in helping them to tar the road.

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