Elesho appeals to council chairmen to cooperate with newly established Peace Security outfit

The Chairman of the newly formed Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Ltd/ GTE (IDPIL/G) Sub Committee on Publicity, Education and Entertainment, Sir (Otunba) Ayodele Elesho, the Agbaakin of Ikorodu Kingdom and former Commissioner for Information, Lagos State, has appealed to the Chairmen of the six councils in lkorodu division to support the laudable initiative in the interest of the security of the division and its people.

Otunba Elesho made the appeal at the Press Conference organised at the Ayangbure palace on Monday, December 13, 2021, by his committee to formally announce the formation of IDPIL/G.

He alleged that the council chairmen have not been cooperating with the body. He also stated that every effort to make them see reason that what his committee is doing is to assist them in discharging their duties to the community was not appreciated.


The Agbaakin of Ikorodu also alleged that the council chairmen attempted to form a parallel security outfit. “We want to place on record that a delegation was sent by this body to the local governments twice. After the second meeting, we invited them here to the palace. At the meeting were the Kabiyesi (Oba Kabir Shotobi), the Chairman of the Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Ltd/GTE, Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya, SAN. Their reactions and attitudes do not portray them as people that are serious in doing anything for the councils. There is no hide and seek about it, he alleged.

“We know one or two of them that are serious and want to do something but the percentage is too small out of six of them. They are not cooperating at all. At a point, our intelligence report indicated that they are planning to float their own security agency but we prevailed on them and told them that they could bring their recruits who are going to be thoroughly screened and go through all the normal processes used in selecting those we already have but they refused,” Otunba Elesho disclosed.

He, however, said that the body is still appealing to the six council chairmen to support the security initiative in their own interests and that of the entire division. “They are not cooperating at all with us but we are still appealing to them and we will continue to appeal to them. We need people to talk to them and educate them that what we are doing is for their own good and we are promoting them. They should cooperate with us. So far, they are not cooperating with us and we hope that with this appeal, they will change their minds,” he added

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