DR NURUDEEN OLALEYE: The man behind LASPOTECH’s giant stride in technology advancement

The world-renowned philosopher Plato, in his famous book, “The Republic”, wrote that a just society is one ruled by a philosopher king. By this, Plato meant that only the intellectuals, who have learnt and served every key arms of government are most qualified to rule a society and bring the best out of the people. This could be said to be true as Lagos State Polytechnic has been undergoing an epoch making transformation since the erudite scholar and intellectually sound Dr. Nurudeen Oluremi Olaleye assumed leadership of the polytechnic in January 2021.

Dr. Nurudeen’s first step was to heal the staff from old wound by creating new directorates to enhance efficiency in the system. He has also been presenting the polytechnic to the global market as a key institution with great promise. He didn’t stop there; he is partnering with stakeholders across the country for development and advancement in technological innovation. While the Lagos State Polytechnic has received assent from the Lagos State Government to continue operation as a Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Dr. Nurudeen Olaleye is showing the world that the institution has a lot to offer the society. The institution is churning out innovative machines to enhance everyday production in households and cottage industrial uses. 

The Lagos State Polytechnic, which recently partnered with the host community in the Ikorodu Division Exposition held in December 2021, reeled out assorted mechanical and electrical machines produced by the collegiate scholars.

The Lagos State Polytechnic did not only play host to the IKODIV EXPO 2021 Multipurpose Trade Fair in the 12-day exhibition but also featured home-made, institutional made and many innovative items of high values to people in the society. The polytechnic did not only play host to the event but dominated the exhibition with their awesome mechanical, computer and electrical machines and workshop tools.

Over seven departments from different faculties of the polytechnic dazzled visitors with research inventions, which are readily accessible to the public purview.

Speaking with the Oriwu Sun, the Director of Public Relations and Information, Lagos State Polytechnic, Mr. Lanre Kuye, said the polytechnic partnered with organizers of IKODIV Expo to showcase what the polytechnic have to offer the general public. According to Mr. Kuye, the polytechnic is a research institute with many innovative technological tools, which will benefit the public. “The Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Professor Kunle Ade Wahab, partnered with our institution to organise the IKODIV 2021 Trade Fair. We have the space to host the event and we are also using the medium to showcase what our students and researchers have done over the years.

The 12-day event started on December 2 and lasted till 12 December 14, 2021. We have been on the collaboration for the past two years but things were delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. The opportunity came now and we are using it.”

Engr. Olalere Rafiu Kayode, the Lagos State Polytechnic Director of Research, Innovation and Development, said the expo is an opportunity for the institution to showcase the various machines and tools its scholars have designed. He listed the rare and highly useful tools for households. “Our departments of Electrical and Electronic Department and the Mechanical Engineering Departments displayed machines like can-crusher, seed shelling machines, hand-held mower and many others at their various stands. The best part of it is that some of these machines do not require fuel to operate as they use solar energy and are rechargeable.” The director of research said.

Seeing, they say, is believing, Engineer Olalere took our reporter to the various stands to demonstrate how these machines work. First visit was at the mechanical engineering stand where Engr. Sherif Lamidi took our reporter around to inspect school-invented innovations like Chicken De-feathering machine, Garri sieving machine, Multipurpose shelling machines, Garri Fryer, Mellon shelling and separating machine and oil extractor.

Pneumatics Metal-Cutting machine for workshop owners was tested and was in good working condition. They don’t require electricity to function because they work with air-compressor and solar-generated energy. With the various machines presented, house chores like shelling of melons, processing of garri, grinding Ogbono and many others, have been made easy.

The engineering stand of the Lagos State Polytechnic featured powerful inventions by the academic community. At the corner of the Engineering stand was a large hand-washing cubicle, which can admit ten people washing their hands at the same time, with large water reservoir.

The device was manufactured during the lockdown by the polytechnic research team to help the polytechnic community maintain social distancing and hygiene. The electrical department and the computer science department stands had sophisticated machines like flying drones, water purifier, water level control, door access control and obstacle robotic cars.

Another items of innovation by the polytechnic scholars was the electric traffic light controller, which uses sensor to detect and control vehicles and human traffics. They also manufactured electronic board of many colours through which shop owners can run animated advert.

Samuel Oyetola at the agriculture stand oversaw processed farm produce like palm oil and farm grown tomatoes. The department also had at its stall flowers and samples of natural plants suitable for environmental use.

The School of Technology had departments like the food technology, which displayed school-made ozonized water, Laspotech custard, Laspotech bread, Tiger Nuts Kunu and many edible products, finished and packaged by the polytechnic scholars. They have various sizes of food items for sale. At the Laspotech stand manned by Mrs. Abimbola Alao, school-made items like house paints, beads, handmade shoes, garri, bag, body lotions, hand sanitizers and many synthesized products were on display.

Hussain Muktar, who spoke for the Department of Tourism, said they were promoting tourism packages for local and international tourists. They have offer for as low as ten thousand naira for interested individual by providing local tour packages. Mrs. Olaniyi Taiwo, who spoke on behalf of the library staff of Lagos State Polytechnic, said that they are displaying many of their various offers to the academic community. With the numerous genres of book they had on the book stand, the library team were out to promote features of modern library such as open access, e-library, Ebsohost, Myilibrary, Ebrary and links to online research materials. The polytechnic also provides free services to academics and independent researchers, who are interested in using the polytechnic library. This involved a registration and documentation by interested people.

Hospitality and Tourism Management presented pastries and slush drinks, including samosa, small chops, fish rolls, etc. Engr Mrs. Odumukoya Risikat Ola, who introduced our reporter to another engineering manufactured tools, showed affordable machines like Garri fryer, Cassava grater, Rabbit feed mixer, and hand held lawn mower. The main side attraction of the engineering machines is the Can-crusher invented to make transportation of condemned metal to recycling firms easy. The metal can-crush machine contraption can handle large quantity of used metal junks into small packages.

“We are using this medium to call on the industrial sector, investors and the government to patronize our innovative machines. We are creating machines and tools usable for people. We noticed that there is a campaign on the global level to encourage recycling of waste – plastics, metal and many other items, but the means of doing these recycling are causing new problems.

So, we are developing safer tools and machine to reduce the problems.  We are using this medium to invite them into partnering with us to further make these machines available to the public domain,” Engr. Olalere appealed.

The IKODIV 2021 Expo featured many display from local producers, who made household items and beauty products. There were massive tents large enough to cover an entire village. These tents had food vendors cooking and selling Nigerian delicacies. Other vendors have food stocks like bags of rice, kegs of vegetable oils, flours and other edible grains. Some of the exhibitors had imported electrical items like blender, sets of cooking pots, and kitchen utensils. Along the show stands were stalls of clothing apparels displayed on hangers and mannequins.

Top men of Ikorodu Development Associations ranging from the Ikorodu Chambers of Commerce, Ikorodu Recourse Development Association, visited the IKODIV expose at various days. Immediate past president of the Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce, Engr. H. O.B Lawal with some executives of the group were seen at various times inspecting the trade fair. Mr. Yomi Ewunuga, the Financial Secretary, Mr. Akande Amolegbe, Mr. Tayo Michael and Mr. Tayo Ogunlawo, coordinators of the IKODIV expo 2021 all attended the event.

Members of the Academic Board, Lagos State Polytechnic also took turn visiting and inspecting the trade fair centre. The Rector, Dr. Oluremi Olaleye, Deputy Rector (Academics), Dr. Olumide Metilelu, Deputy Rector (Administration), Dr. Shakiru Bello and other top management officials of the Polytechnic also visited the trade fair centre. Students from secondary schools in Ikorodu came in company of their teachers to see the IKODIV Expo.

Students of Lagos State polytechnic in various performing groups, danced and sang folksongs to the pleasure of visitors. Some drama group performed mythical tales like Sango, the Yoruba deity believed to be the incarnation of fire and thunder.

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