CP Odumosu talks to oriwusun says “an Oba in Ikorodu division behind cultism, killings”

The recent revelation about the incessant secret cult killings in Ikorodu suburbs hit many as a shock as they will find out that one of the Obas in the suburbs (name withheld,) is responsible for the cultists’ killings. This revelation is an official statement made by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Hakeem Odumosu.
In an exclusive interview with Oriwu Sun, he narrated that in a recent meeting he held with the traditional ruler and other stakeholders of the area affected by the cult killings, he confronted the Oba with the allegation.
During a round table meeting which was held to address the disturbing issue of cult clashes and land grabbing which are bedeviling, the Police Commissioner, based on credible evidences collated, confronted the Oba in question over his support for deadly secret cult groups domiciled in his kingdom.
According to CP Odumosu, the coastal town harbours several traditional shrines which serve as hideouts and meeting points for a particular cult group. These shrines are being desecrated by the cult gangs by allowing women to change their sanitary pads there, a taboo which renders the sacred place impotent.

The cult gang then converts these traditional shrines into their base of operations where they initiate new members and use as their safe haven for storing their weapons. Covert police operatives have discovered over fourteen of such shrines in the coastal kingdom and the police commissioner has warned the monarch to either find a way of consecrating the shrines or risk being demolished by policemen.
The Lagos Police Commissioner made it clear to the monarch that he is fully aware of the unlawful cult activities in these shrines in his kingdom and yet, he kept mute. He explained that one of the discovered shrines is located within the palace proximity and that the Oba cannot feign innocence. The monarch was said to be given support to the secret cult group in his kingdom, overtly and covertly, by way of overlooking their heinous activities and even acquitting some of the gang members caught in the act.
There was a case of a notorious cultist apprehended in the neighbourhood and the monarch in question set the man lose without involving the law enforcement agents. The commissioner confirmed that the fourteen shrines uncovered in that kingdom and some other areas by the beach are hubs of cult groups where they scheme their attacks and keep weapons of violence.
Though, these shrines used to be traditional abodes which serve the community, but they have been hijacked and desecrated by a particular secret cult group.
The Police Commissioner has offered the Oba the choice of consecrating the shrines and restored them to their old functions or faced being marched on by police men. The Oba who couldn’t deny the facts is yet to choose any of the options but was concerned about his next step of action.
The new CP, who is very familiar with terrains of Ikorodu and Lagos metropolis, has resolved to clean up the hideouts of the illicit secret cult groups. In a statement CP Odumosu said, “if you want to win a battle, then take the war to the enemy’s domain before he will have the time to scheme out strategies. That’s the policy we are adopting to win this cult war in Ikorodu.’ This philosophy was what led to the deep surveillance launched by CP Odumosu when he resumed duty as Lagos State Police Commissioner.
Some of their intelligence gathering revealed important information which has enabled the state police prevented a recent planned reprisal attacks by cultists in Ikorodu.
“I strongly believe in proactive measures and my strategies include intelligence gathering through surveillance to prevent attacks before they are launched, this will save many lives and properties. Recently, our intelligence team were able to connect a link between secret cult cells in some parts of Lagos, the Ogudu cell of a particular cult group planned to attack a rival group in Ikorodu. When our men got reliable tips on them, we busted the Ogudu cell and retrieved weapons including fourteen guns from the gangs.” The police chief also launched another Intel group which discovered the operational bases of two major rival secret cult groups (Eiye and Aiye) in Ikorodu.
According to CP Odumosu, the Aiye cult group has its operational headquarters in Igbo Ota in Egbin community and they also control most of the shrines and uses the beach in that territory. The Eiye fraternity group has their operational base in Igbo Ajede.
With the new Commissioner of polices who is ready to deal with the cult related crimes in Ikorodu and Lagos state, his men are adopting new strategies and working on a superior plan to uncover the remaining bases of these local cult gangs and they are ready to reveal the identities of the persons supporting these deadly groups.
The police commissioner linked the cause of the cult clashes to activities like land grabbing and illegal businesses “The land grabbers and unlawful barons are the main sponsors of these cult boys. They are the ones who encroach on people’s lands and then empower the cult boys with weapons and money to attack others. To succeed in this war, we have to reveal the identities of those sponsoring and backing the cult boys,” Odumosu said.
The commissioner of police added that the primary task of the government is to safeguard citizens” lives and properties.
“This is what I have resolved to do, to ensure a society where law abiding citizens can sleep with their eyes closed and conduct their businesses without fear”, he resolved.
There is hope that Ikorodu Division will enjoy reasonable peace from secret cult gang attacks since the new Police Commissioner of the state is not only familiar with the terrain but is seriously concerned about the state of security in the Division.
CP Odumosu, prior to becoming the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, has served at critical police units like the head of Lagos State Task Force and Rapid Response Squad (RSS) respectively, where he managed operations of the units for years.
He advised that while the police is doing their job to curb the cult mayhem, the citizens must also play their role by supporting the war against cultism.
He also enjoined people to report the gangs and try to gather evidence which could be used to prosecute the arrested cultists while also stating that the monarchs and people giving support to cult gangs must also be exposed.

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