Council chairmen spit fire, prohibit operations of unregistered private securities

In what many have described as a subtle attack on the newly established Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited/GTE (IDPIL/GTE), the six council chairmen in the division, have prohibited the operations of any private security organisations, vigilance groups and other security entities, yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the six Local Government and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in Ikorodu division, henceforth.
They pronounced this verdict at a press conference held at the Ikorodu Local government Secretariat on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, which was on the eve of the launch of the new security outfit.
Since the establishment of the local security architecture, the council chairmen have refused to take part or support the initiative on the ground that they were not properly informed and carried along at the formation stage of the initiative.
While some key promoters of the initiative, notably Oba Kabiru Shotobi, Ayangbure of lkorodu, High Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya, Odofin of lkorodu and Chief Ayodele Elesho, Agbaakin of lkorodu, had publicly disputed the chairmen’s claim at various fora and stated that invitations to various activities of the IDPIL/GTE were duly extended to them but that they all refused to attend.
However, the Chairmen, in a show of power and in demonstration of their opposition to the initiative, came up with the law and warned that any breach of the law will amount to contravention of the Nigerian Constitution and Criminal Code.

They stated that they are the chief security officers of their respective councils and are committed to the security of lives and properties of residents of Ikorodu Division while also adding that they are ready to continue working with the police, other security agencies, para – military groups and recognized vigilance outfits in the division.
Hon. Wasiu Adeshina, chairman Ikorodu Local Government, issued the directive on behalf of other five chairmen at the press conference on, “Mandatory Registration of all Private Security Outfits and Vigilantes In Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria, with their Local Government and the Local Council Development Areas.”
The other five chairmen who were also in attendance were Hon. Sulaimon Kazeem Olanrewaju, Chairman, Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Builder Adeola Banjo, Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Builder Sesan Daini, Chairman, Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, Hon. Motunrayo Gbadebo -Alogba, Chairman, Ijede LCDA and Hon. (Prince) Wasiu Kunle Agoro, Chairman, Imota LCDA.
Also, the six Council Leaders, Divisional Police Officers (DPOs), Commandants, Lagos Neighbourhood Corps, Director of SSS, representatives of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and other security agencies in the division, were in attendance at the press conference which also doubled as the Joint Security Meeting of the council with the security agencies.
Hon. Adeshina, addressing journalists, said that the directive is necessary to protect Ikorodu people from the activities of unlawful group(s).
“In response to the growing security challenges in almost all parts of Lagos State and our country, Nigeria, and as a proactive measure to bolster the security architecture of the Ikorodu Division in Lagos State, we, the Chairmen of the Local Government Area and the Local Council Development Areas in the Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria, in consonance with our legal and constitutional duties and responsibilities, issue this press statement to inform the general public about the security matters in our Division,” Hon. Adeshina said.
“Whilst we shall continue to work and remain committed to the security of lives and properties in our geographical jurisdictions in the Ikorodu Division by working with all the Nigeria Police Force, the Nigerian military, all the paramilitary establishments, as well as all the lawful and constitutional corporate bodies, registered entities, traditional institutions, political leaders, among others.
“We shall neither abdicate nor abandon our prerogatives and responsibilities of making sure that the good and patriotic people are not left unprotected from any form of unconstitutional and/or unlawful activities contrived not only to whittle down the efforts of the government but also to make the people undeservedly susceptible and vulnerable to all manners of vicious elements and/or impostors and/or entities without any credible records on security matters and/or bodies with records and antecedents of working against the success of the government”, he emphasised.
He quoted Section 14 (1) a, b, and c of the Nigerian Constitution to establish the power of the local government to handle security issues for the people, while issuing guidelines set out by the councils for the registration of security outfits or groups.
“We, the Chairmen of the Local Government Area and the Local Council Development Areas in the Ikorodu division of Lagos State in Nigeria, hereby, state as follows:
“All private security outfits (registered or yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and/or Vigilantes and/or any other entities, however so described, with interest in security in Ikorodu division of Lagos State, Nigeria, must be registered and/or officially documented with their local government and the local council development areas where they intend to operate in”.
“In registering, all private security outfits (registered or yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission) and/or Vigilantes and/or any other entity, however so described with interest in security in Ikorodu division of Lagos State, Nigeria, must submit the profiles (Resumes) of all their directors and personnel as well as their equipment (arms and ammunitions) to the local government and the local council development areas where they intend to operate for onward submission to the Nigeria Police Force and other government-established security outfits”.
He stated that local government authorities will only work with groups that have fulfilled the guidelines.
Adeshina also stated that any group that has not abided with the guidelines are prohibited from:
“Carrying out any form of activities or launching or inauguration, howsoever called in any part of the Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria. And any form of breach shall be deemed not only as unlawful but as a breach of the relevant sections of the extant Nigerian Constitution and the Criminal Code”, he warned.
Also at the press conference, the Chairmen disclosed that they are working towards having their own security architecture to be named, ‘Ikorodu Division Security Trust Fund’, to provide necessary funding and support for the fight against crimes in the division.
The Council bosses also revealed that they have resolved to have a joint taskforce to tackle crimes in the division in conjunction with the Police and other security agencies.
They insisted that they are the ones that were constitutionally empowered to established security architecture.
During the question and answer session, Ikorodu Local Government and Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA Chairmen, responded on behalf of their colleagues.
Hon. Adeshina, speaking, confirmed that they are working with the Lagos State Security Trust Fund to recreate the initiative in the division while playing down the significance of the Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative Limited initiated by royal fathers and other stakeholders and being chaired by High Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya, the Odofin of Ikorodu and Chairman, MultiChoice Nigeria.
“Yes, we are in alliance with the Lagos State Security Trust Fund. As local governments, we are part of Lagos State and even Conference 57 that is the umbrella body of the councis, is taking a good part in supporting LSSTF”, he said.
“So, we are thinking of having the same at our local government level and by the time we finish with the design, we would make it public.
“The established peace initiative (Ikorodu Peace Initiative Limited/GTE) is for peace. I think that they are for peace and not a security issue. In fact, as it is with anything about peace, the operatives are not expected to carry guns because they are to make peace”, Hon. Adeshina said.
While establishing that they are the ones constitutionally empowered to initiate policy and action on security of lives and properties as elected chairmen, Adeshina also revealed that a Joint Taskforce will be unveiled soon.
“We, as the persons bestowed with the constitutional responsibilities of being the Chief Security Officers of our respective local governments, are only playing our constitutional roles and that is why you can see the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) and other security agencies in this meeting”, he said.
“I want to assure that very soon, the six of us would come out with a Joint Security Taskforce that would embrace the six councils so that the issue of cultism and other security issues would be permanently laid to rest.
“Even with the peace initiative that you are talking about, as I am speaking with you, Ijede is boiling but by the time we set up our own joint task force, you will not hear anything of such again. That is to tell you that we are the ones bestowed with constitutional power and we are going to work with security agencies”, he reiterated.
In his own responses to questions raised by journalists, Builder Daini, while confirming the move to initiate another security architecture which many have seen as an attempt to rival IDPIL/GTE, also provided more details on how far that they have gone in that regard.
He also revealed that they are working towards having an Executive Bill to establish a bye – law for the establishment and operation of the proposed security architecture.
“We are being supported by the LSSTF and we do support them as well. So, whenever we have issues, we contact the appropriate bodies and they will support us”, he said.
“The consultant that is working with us was nominated by the LSSTF. That is the Consultant that would assist with the creation of the Ikorodu Division Security Trust Fund Bill. He’s with us on the recommendation of the LSSTF after the meeting and agreement between us (the six councils chairmen) and notable leaders in the state”.
“This is not aim at causing any division, rather, it is we standing up to our responsibilities to tell the world that we are competent, capable and not irresponsible”.

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