Babatunde Rotinwa’s day of glory, commissions multi-million naira computer laboratory for LASPOTECH

Alhaji Babatunde Rotinwa who was conferred the prestigious Fellow Award of the Lagos State Polytechnic on March 14, 2020, has returned to commission a standard well-equipped computer laboratory in the Ikorodu campus of the polytechnic. The commissioning event which took place on November 30, 2020, was witnessed by friends, management members and top academics of the polytechnic.

The computer laboratory donated by Babatunde Rotinwa, was a personal contribution to the polytechnic, with the aim of helping the institution secure accreditation from the National Technical Board for the commencement of Higher National Diploma, HND, in Mathematics and Statistics. The newly furnished and equipped computer laboratory will serve the proposed HND programme in Mathematics and Statistics at the School of Technology, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu.

At the topmost floor of the School/Faculty of Technology in Ikorodu campus of the Lagos State Polytechnic, the new computer laboratory received the following items from Babatunde Rotinwa: 49 set of computer systems, 49 pieces of computer chairs, 16 set pieces of computer tables, a technologist booth with interior furniture, 1 piece of 30KVA stabilizer, a smart board, a White Marker Board, one projector, 6 ceiling fans, 15 window blinds, 2 chillers, 1 piece of hardware table and 13 lab stools. 

During the handing over of the items to the polytechnic management, friends and respected associates of Alhaji Babatunde Rotinwa joined him as they were nobly dressed and well comported. Their cars were parked in front of the faculty edifice while they took the stairs to the topmost floor where the computer laboratory is located. The polytechnic officials led by the Acting Rector Mr. Olumide Metilelu warmly received the donor and his friends as they walked in. the Director of Information and Public Relations, Mr. Lanre Kuye, welcomed everyone, on behalf of the management and informed the guests why they were gathered in the computer laboratory. After brief speeches from the acting rector and the donor, guests were invited to give their views and observations.

Professor Kunle Ade Wahab one of the special guests who spoke, appreciated his friend and associate Babatunde Rotinwa for making the selfless donation to the polytechnic. Professor Wahab recounted how some of them made the move to relocate management of Lagos State Polytechnic from Isolo to Ikorodu, many years ago. According to him, back then, the population explosion of the polytechnic students required them to move to a larger space, which they already had in Ikorodu but the management were reluctant to move. It was believed by the polytechnic management, then that Ikorodu could not provide the needed structures for the polytechnic staff and students. To encourage the management to relocate to Ikorodu, Professor Wahab narrated how some of them donated the staff estate along Imota road to the Lagos State Polytechnic, all in a bid to encourage the relocation. 

“Today is Rotinwa’s day, he is being honoured for his contribution to the polytechnic. I am happy because he belongs to the same group which I belong, the IDGR (Ikorodu Development Resource Group). He is being recognised for his contribution just like one of own was honoured for his contributions to the polytechnic. The polytechnic has named one of its facilities Adegbola Science Centre to immortalize Adegbola for his contributions to the polytechnic. All these show the interest of Ikorodu people in the development of Lagos State Polytechnic. I am sure every member of the IDGR will want to contribute to the development of Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu.” Professor Kunle Wahab thanked his friend and fellow indigene Babatunde Rotinwa for the donation and added that he is happy the development is happening during the time of the Acting Rector, Mr. Olumide Metilelu.

Engineer Kayode Shoderu who spoke after the professor, said he is not a lecturer so he won’t be speaking for long. “I am not a lecturer, so I won’t be saying much, we are here to join our dear brother and friend Babatunde Rotinwa who is making a special donation to the polytechnic. His effort and contribution is worth emulating by people. When people of this caliber make such effort, there would be a beautiful place for all.” He also appreciated the acting rector for cooperating with the donor and staff of the polytechnic.

The polytechnic Director of Information and Public Relations officer, Mr. Lanre Kuye also invited publisher of Oriwu Sun newspaper, Chief Monzor Olowosago for an exhortation. The publisher who started in his native Yoruba language thanked everyone present at the occasion. “Mo ki a won baba wa. Our special guests here are my senior colleagues and I am happy to see you all here. I am delighted that one of us from Ikorodu is making this huge donations to the polytechnic. I am really awed by the computers and technical gadgets in the laboratory, months ago when I first visited the donor here, I didn’t know he was going to provide computers as well, then he was installing the furniture. These are the kind of things our politicians and public figures should be doing for our community.

“If our politicians are doing the right thing the society would have improved immensely. The caliber of men and women here are from the finest chips selected by the donor, because he is a man of excellence. His kind works to the community will resonate in decades to come. The people of Ikorodu will be glad when they receive the news of these donation from Rotinwa.” Chief Monzor explained that children of the community people will benefit from schooling at the Lagos State Polytechnic, with the kind of high techs donated by men like Babatunde Rotinwa. The publisher also thanked the acting rector under whose tenure these good deeds are recorded in the polytechnic. He prayed for the Acting Rector, Olumide Metilelu for higher callings and greater responsibilities. “Your progressive works will not go unnoticed by the higher authorities.” Monzor told him.

Another friend and colleague of the donor, Mr. Sikiru Oloyede who also spoke, was happy for his friend and the polytechnic. “Today, we are here to celebrate Babatunde Rotinwa, a man of many parts. He has the money and spends it in the way of Allah for the development of humanity. His hard earned money was willingly given out for community development. I am really happy and congratulate you.” Mr. Oloyede, said.

The polytechnic management also appreciated Alhaji Babatunde Rotinwa for making the contribution. The Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr. Asimi Amalare, who gave the vote of thanks, read a list of the items procured by Babatunde Rotinwa. He announced that with the newly furnished computer laboratory, the polytechnic is set to commence HND programme in Mathematic and Statistics because the facility will enhance the accreditation of the course by the concerned board. Dr. Amalare also appreciated some of the staff who played key roles during the building of the facility, especially former registrar of the polytechnic, Mrs. Olufunke Ige, staff of the department of Mathematics and Statistic and other top officials.

The Director of Information and PRO, Mr. Kuye finally invited Otunba R.O. Adewale to lead the group in the closing prayer. After the Islamic prayer was recited by Otunba Adewale, the PRO invited the guests to join the management team for a photo shoot, downstairs. The noble men assembled at the entrance of the faculty where they posed for the camera.

While speaking with the Oriwu Sun, Alhaji Babatunde Rotinwa explained that he intended to encourage the government and the polytechnic authority by donating the computer laboratory to the Lagos State Polytechnic. “The government and management cannot do everything alone, individuals have to contribute so that we can have a standard development.

When I visited the management of the polytechnic, I asked them where I can render assistance and I was briefed that the Mathematics and Statistics department needed a standard computer laboratory to get accredited for HND programme.  Then I got into consultations and started the procurements of the required items in the laboratory. That was how we started the process to upgrade the department for accreditation. This new laboratory will give the polytechnic opportunity to offer Mathematics and Statistics at HND level. When an environment is made inviting and convenient for leaning, it will attract scholars. Insha Allah, I look forward to do more.” Babatunde Rotinwa, said.

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