Again, Oba Shotobi celebrates ‘Isese day’ with fanfare, wants govt to declare August 20 as public holiday

The Ayangbure of lkorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, has once again called on the Lagos State government to declare August 20 of every year as public holiday for the celebration of ‘Isese’ Day.

He made the call on Friday, August 20, 2021, at his palace during the celebration of this year’s ‘lsese’ Day.

The celebration is an annual event during which traditionalists all over the country, under the aegis of the Association of African Traditional Religion Practitioners of Nigeria (AATREN), gather to celebrate traditional religion and African culture.

Like previous editions, members of AATREN in lkorodu, in their hundreds from different groups and sects and dressed in their unique white regalia, under the leadership of the Apena of lkorodu, Chief Kareem Ore, kicked off the celebration in the early hours of the day with ‘Woro’ procession across major parts of the community during which they performed rites for continue progress, development and peaceful atmosphere in lkorodu.

The traditionalists also offered prayers for continue success of Oba Shotobi’s reign and wellbeing of residents of the town.

At about 12.20pm, the traditionalists arrived Ayangbure Palace and sat under the canopies provided for them in front of the Pavilion, as they eagerly awaited Oba Shotobi to join them for the second part of the celebration.

Few minutes later, Oba Shotobi, in the company of several traditional chiefs and dignitaries joined the traditionalists and after settling down on his seat on the Pavilion, the various groups and sects of traditionalists approached the Pavilion to pay homage and offer prayers for Oba Shotobi, one after the other.

The celebration also witnessed presentation of the cash gift and traditional drink (Seaman Aromatic Schnapp) to each of the groups and sects, courtesy of Oba Shotobi.

Meanwhile, Oba Shotobi, while speaking at the event, rejoiced with the traditionalists on the occasion of the 2021 Isese Day and prayed that they would witness more of the celebration in good health.

He also thanked them for the support they have been given him since ascending the Ayangbure throne and assured them that he would also continue to support them always and will never disappoint them.

“I rejoice with all the traditionalists in lkorodu for witnessing another Isese Day celebration. I pray that we will all live to witness more of it in good health. I am very happy to see you all here today.

“Let me also thank you for your support for me since I ascended this throne five years ago. You were the ones that made me an Oba. Throughout my stay in Ipebi (seclusion), you were the ones that stood by me and took me through the rites and process that made me the Ayangbure.

“I thank you so much and l promise that l will never disappoint you. I am always proud of you and l will continue to identify with you and everything that you do because you are the custodians of lkorodu tradition.

“When we were faced with the challenges of ‘Badoo’ in lkorodu, it was not the government that helped us to overcome the challenges, it was our traditionalists that ensured that the menace became history. I really appreciate their support during that period”.

Oba Shotobi commended the Lagos State government for its support for the traditional religion and Isese day celebration and urged his colleagues across the state to compliment the government’s efforts in given support to the traditional religion and its practitioners in their respective domains.

“I also want to thank the Lagos State government for their support for traditional religion and our traditionalists. They are aware of what we are doing here today. They maintain constant communication with the leadership of the AATREN in the state and they have been subsidizing their programmes.

“I know that Obas in the state have been supporting the traditional religion practitioners as custodians of tradition in their respective domains. I want them to sustain such support as a way of complimenting government’s efforts in preserving traditional religion.”

The monarch, however, urged the state government to declare August 20 as public holiday for ‘Isese’ Day celebration.

“Let me use this opportunity to commend the government of State of Osun for declaring August 20 as public holiday to mark Isese Day. I want to urge the Lagos State government to also emulate such gesture and declare August 20 as public holiday in the state for the celebration of Isese Day, as a way of showing further support for the traditional religion and its practitioners in the state”.

He also advocated for a constitutional role for the traditional rulers in the government as a way of giving them sense of belonging in the governance of their people.

“In the olden days, the Obas played a key role in the government. But that is no longer the case now because the Obas have been pushed aside and are no longer considered as a major factor in governance.

To overcome the problems facing the country today, there’s need for the government to recognize the traditional rulers as major players in governance and give them a constitutional role in that regard.

“Don’t misunderstand me, l am not saying that those ruling us are not trying, but there’s need to incorporate the Obas in the scheme of things because of their native intelligence and closeness to the people. Their contributions will, no doubt, help in addressing most of the problems facing us in this country. “

Earlier in his brief opening remarks, the Olumale Eluku of lkorodu, High Chief Olabanji Oreagba, congratulated the traditionalists on the celebration of the 2021 ‘Isese Day’ and also commended them for preserving the traditional religion and preventing it from extinction.

He said that traditional religion is a religion founded on truth, love and peace and urged the practitioners to be truthful in all their dealings and also relate with one another peacefully and with love.

Chief Oreagba appealed to the government to give further recognition to the traditional religion and its practitioners and also appropriate funds for their programmes in the budget.

He also assured the traditionalists of his continuous support for all their programmes at all times.

In an interview with the Apena of Ikorodu, Chief Kareem Ore, who is also the Chairman of the lkorodu chapter of AATREN, he described ‘Isese’ Day as an important event in traditional religion calendar, stating that the celebration enables them to offer rites to ward off any form of deadly disease, violence or affliction in lkorodu and also offer prayers for the development and progress of the town.

While emphasizing the importance of the traditional religion, Chief Ore said that:

“Traditional religion is very important but people have refused to see any importance in it. It is incomparable to any religion. If we practice it the way it should be done, it also brings peace, love and oneness to the society and helps in averting any kind of evil or problem”.

He thanked Oba Shotobi for always supporting them and providing funds for them to perform rites and rituals to ensure peace reigns in lkorodu Kingdom.

He also commended the state government for its support for traditional religion and appealed for further recognition for the religion and its practitioners.

The event was round off with presentation of the cash gift and traditional drink (Seaman Atomatic Schnapp) to each of the groups and sects of the traditional religion, courtesy of Oba Shotobi, after which the traditionalists took turns to entertain the monarch and other guests with traditional songs and dance.

Among the sects and groups of traditional religion at the event were: Oloro Ikorodu, Eleluku Ikorodu, Magbo Ikorodu, Alagemo Itummoja, Alasa Aga, Liwe, Iti lowa-mefu, Onigunuko Ikorodu, Aranfo Ikorodu, Awo-opa Ikorodu, Alagemo Ojodu  Ajegunle (Eleluku), Liwe Ebute Iga, Asogun Oba Ikorodu , Abilefo Ijomu Ikorodu, Iledi Osugbo Ikorodu, and many others.

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