Oba Shotobi knocks FG over ‘Amotekun,’ supports community policing

The Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, has blamed the Federal Government for the establishment of ‘Amotekun,’ a regional security outfit recently founded by the governors of the six states in the South-West, stating that its failure to accept Community Policing is what gave birth to the security outfit.
He stated this when the new Executive Officers of the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) led by Alhaji Babatunde Rotinwa, Chairman, Lagos State Local Government Service Commission, paid him a courtesy visited in his palace on Monday, February 10, 2020.
Oba Shotobi explained that ‘Amotekun,’ which was launched recently to fight insecurity across the six states in the South-West but which has been opposed by the Federal Government, would not have come into being if successive government at the Centre, including the Buhari government, had listened to the demand by Nigerians for the establishment of community policing in the country.
“The establishment of Amotekun is caused by the Federal Government. We had suggested the creation of community policing to the government on several occasions, everybody had clamoured for it because it is the most effective way to fight insecurity and secure our domains but they did not listen.
“The Inspector-General of Police was always defending the federal government for not creating community policing, saying that they have this, they are forming that, they were dodging here and there, trying to cut corners. Now, ‘Amotekun’ has been launched to fight insecurity in the South-West, another one has just been launched in the North (Operation ‘Shege Ka Fa Sa’) while the Igbo people are also planning to establish their own outfit. Today, things are really getting out of hand.”
He stated further that he and other traditional rulers from the South-West have being clamouring for state police for a very long time but that each time they had the opportunity of telling President Muhammad Buhari about it, the Obas were always prevented by his aides.
“We had been clamouring for state police for a very long time before the emergence of ‘Amotekun’ but those in Abuja seemed not to be listening.
“Each time we want to have a meeting with the President where we could have the opportunity of discussing the issue of state police with him, his aides always prevented us from doing so. Before we meet him, they would have given us a paper stating what we can discuss with him.”
Oba Shotobi, however, informed the gathering that the Federal Government has finally accepted to establish community policing and that the Commissioner of Police in Lagos has been directed to commence recruitment from each of the divisions.
“About a week ago, they just invited all the traditional Obas, some of us did not go, I did not go. At the meeting, they said they had formed community policing and that they are going to employ people from our divisions.
“They have accepted to create community policing and in Lagos State, they have sent the Commissioner of Police to start recruiting and those that are going to be recruited must be indigenes of the divisions in the state.
“Take Ikorodu division for instance, if you are an Ikorodu indigene, you will be enlisted, if you are an indigene of Imota, you will be enlisted, if you an indigene of Igbogbo, you will be enlisted, or from other parts of the division. Those interested must get indigeneship letter from their respective communities.”
The monarch stated that the issue over whether non-indigenes could apply to be enlisted is yet to be resolved as the Commissioner of Police could not give a definite response when he was asked about it.
He urged youths across Ikorodu division to grab the opportunity by registering for the job.
“This is an opportunity that our youths should embrace wholeheartedly. If you are a graduate, they will rank you and if you perform creditably well, they will promote you and move you to regular police status.
“The proponents of ‘Amotekun’ want to forge ahead by recruiting personnel but we heard that they have been stopped from doing so. But if they want to enlist people for community policing, our children should come out and apply for it. There is no way they would be enlisted without salary.
Also at the visit, Oba Shotobi announced Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) loan facility for hundred youths in Ikorodu and enjoined interested individuals to apply.
He added that those interested must have good business proposal, academic certificates and must also be willing to put the money to good use and pay back the loan as at when due to continue to benefit from the opportunity.
“The forms are available at the palace for both indigenes and residents in Ikorodu.”
He expressed confidence that the opportunities offered by the loan facility and the recruitment for the proposed community policing would help in taking a good number of Ikorodu youths off the street and get them positively engaged.
“We know that parts of our challenges in Lagos state, particularly Ikorodu, are unemployment and cultism but if the opportunities provided by the CBN Loan Facility and Community Policing recruitment are properly exploited, a good number of them wouldn’t go back to crime because they would have something better to do.”
He, however, added that it would be unfortunate if these opportunities pass by and yet, many youths in Ikorodu are still unable to get themselves positively engaged

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