LAWMA begins arrest over indiscrimate refuse dump

The war against indiscriminate dumping of refuse in Ikorodu has taken a strict dimension as the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), commenced arrest of residents engaging in the unlawful act.
The menace, which has over the years been responsible for the emergence of heaps of refuse dumps on major roads and streets as well as blockage of drainages and canals, has continued to pose health and environmental hazards to the residents.
In a bid to nip this menace in the bud and proffer a permanent solution, LAWMA, through its policing officials, who are saddled with the responsibility of watching over flashpoints of indiscriminate dumping, have been arresting errant residents, who have been recalcitrant in their resolve to continue engaging in indiscriminate dumping in the community.
So far, Oriwu Sun gathered that about ten residents across Ikorodu have been arrested by the LAWMA policing officials while they were attempting to dump refuse at undesignated points. The latest of the arrest took place in Itunpate, where a male and a female residents were caught disposing refuse inside a canal in the area.
According to report gathered, the canal, which is said to be serving as a major point where water from different part of Ikorodu deposited during rainfall, was said to have been blocked with refuse by residents of the area and this is said to be causing flooding whenever it rains and as a result, residents were prohibited from dumping their refuse inside it.
Those who witnessed the arrest said that the LAWMA enforcement officials explained that the offenders would either be charged to court and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment if found guilty or alternatively pay a fine of N70,000 naira each. Meanwhile, some of the residents, who spoke with our reporter over the arrest commended LAWMA over the new development, stating that the new approach is long overdue.
Pastor Daniel Olabanji, a resident of Itunpate, in his own reaction, explained that the indiscriminate dumping of refuse defaces Ikorodu community while he also frowned at the act of dumping of sacrifices at the canal located in the community by unknown traditionalists. He explained further that despite the fact that various heaps of refuse dumps located on some major roads across Ikorodu community constitute obstacles to free flow of traffic, people never cease dumping refuse on the affected roads.
Therefore, he urged LAWMA officials to ensure that those responsible for the unlawful acts are brought to book to discourage others.
Another resident, Mrs. Oseni, in her own reaction, explained that some educated and well to do individual are involved in the unlawful act. She explained that some of these people are fond of packing their refuse in their vehicles and driving to various canals and illegal refuse dump points to dispose their dirt with impunity. While alleging that such people often turn violent when attempt is made to caution them against their action, Mrs. Oseni wondered the usefulness of their education and status if they could stoop so low to engage in such unlawful act.
Mrs. Oseni further alleged that dead bodies, dead animals and all sorts of wastes are being dumped in canals and other places indiscriminately and this, according to her, cause offensive odour and health hazards in the community. She, however, appreciated LAWMA and Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for taking the issue of indiscriminate refuse dumping strictly and for the action taken to eradicate it.
Meanwhile, Mr. Taiwo Ajibola, LAWMA Supervisor, while speaking with our reporter, stated that some locations in Ikorodu are notorious for indiscriminate refuse dumping, particularly the canal at Itunpate, which he described as a den of filth. He said that their recent resolve to place these red zones under strict monitoring and the arrest of those engaging in indiscriminate dumping of refuse have brought about positive change. He commended the LAWMA Policing Officials whom he said are working diligently on daily basis to monitor the identified spots that are prone to indiscriminate refuse dumping in Ikorodu.
“Our officials that are saddled with the task of monitoring the identified flashpoints are working diligently in Ikorodu. They work from 5:00a.m till 9:00p.m and they will still be back by 12:00p.m for surveillances.” Mr. Ajibola explained that anybody caught unlawfully disposing refuse would, henceforth, be arrested and taking to the nearest Police Station but that if the offence is serious, such offender would be transferred to Ikeja for prosecution.
He also appealed to the government to provide trucks for them to make evacuation of refuse easier and faster.
A former General Director of LAWMA, Engr. Ganiu Saka, in an interview with Oriwu Sun, explained that the LAWMA Policing Officials were established during his tenure when the issue of indiscriminate refuse dumping was getting out of hand in Ikorodu and its environs. He added that he instructed LAWMA officials to erect signposts where refuse is being dumped unlawfully with punishment for disobedience boldly written on it for people to see while Policing Officials were also deployed for surveillance.

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