Inside story of how Bashorun Rotinwa’s led Resource Group met Oba Shotobi …seeks collaboration on development

Oba Shotobi (3rd right), Chief Monzor Olowosago, Publisher, Oriwu Sun, Chief Wole Odulate (2nd left), Mr. Fatai Lasisi, former IDRDG Chairman (3rd left), Alhaji Babatunde Rotinwa, IDRDG Chairman (4th right) with some of the new officers of the IDRDG.

The Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRG), after some attempts to visit the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, eventually received a welcome message from Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi. His Royal Majesty who has been deeply engaged in series of events, created a time to meet with executives of the IDRG over pressing issues in the community. The group which was led by its new chairman Bashorun Babatunde Rotinwa, Vice Chairman Alhaji Sikiru Oloyede and Secretary Dr. Mobolaji Olukoya, came in company of the erstwhile executive Chairman Mr. Fatai Lasisi.
The many issues of non-inclusiveness of Ikorodu indigenes in the current Lagos State government and abandoned developmental projects in the division were of major concern to the group. All dressed in quintessential traditional agbada, the current Chairman, Bashorun Babatunde Rotinwa, led the executive members into the Oba’s palace past 3 p.m. on February 10, 2020. They were directed to the conference room of the royal palace and took their seats.
When arrival of Oba Shotobi was announced, everyone stood on their feet and made obeisance, chanting the Obligatory adulation, “Kabieyesi!” His Royal Majesty took his seat and told his special guests to seat as well.
Bashorun Rotinwa who was seated close to the Oba, stood and showed reverence to His Royal Majesty and read prepared his speech for the visit.
He gave a rundown of the group in the recent past and itemized fourteen most important achievements recorded by the IDRDG. Most importantly, the chairman highlighted seven areas of development which the group are eager to do in partnership with the Lagos State Government, for Ikorodu people. The issues outlined include: collaboration on the physical infrastructure development in school in the division; collaboration on the road networking construction across the Division; collaboration on employment creation where more youths from the Division would be properly engaged; collaboration on the development of Professor Adegbola Science Centre; collaboration on budget monitoring and implementation and, and collaboration on the organisation of Ikorodu Division Parent Forum where matters related to students/ward monitoring and guidance would be considered.
The chairman of the group also narrated how his new team recently visited the Lagos State Honourable Commissioner of Education, Mrs. Folashade Adefisayo and Special Adviser on Education to the Governor, Mr. Tokunbo Philip Wahab on January 10, 2020, where they sought partnership and guidance on how to move Ikorodu forward. Some of the key items discussed with government officials were state Bursary Awards to Ikorodu indigenes in tertiary institutions; fact-finding visitation to primary and secondary schools in the division; career guidance for senior secondary school; workshop for mathematics teachers in schools; education stakeholder summit; annual Professor A. A. Adegbola Memorial lecture and collaboration with the Ministry of Education on Alogba Library.
Bashorun Rotinwa, chairman of IDRDG, thanked Oba Shotobi for granting them audience and reassured the monarch the group’s commitment towards the development of Ikorodu.
The graceful Oba Shotobi, thanked the chairman and the delegates. He observed that no one prayed before the chairman’s speech and requested that a volunteer give an opening prayer. Alhaji Sikiru Oloyede, Vice Chairman of group volunteered to pray and led the gathering in a brief Koranic recital and supplications. He was so versed and articulate on spiritual insights so that the Oba teased that he is a real cleric in secular setting.
Oba Kabiru Shotobi who was apparently disturbed by many societal issues, spoke in a sober mood. The monarch welcomed the group for the visit and thanked press members present. He explained to the group why he could not host them last December when they sought audience with him, how he attended meetings alongside other traditional rulers with president on security challenges Nigeria is facing to. And now that he returned from abroad he has get on with various tasks within and outside the state. The Ayangbrure was particularly disturbed by the issue of insecurity in the country and is preoccupied with how to resolve challenges facing Ikorodu Division.
The monarch broke the news of the demise of a prominent Ikorodu traditionalist and head of the Lasuwon ruling family, Olotu Sunday Ogede, who died two days earlier. While he continued with his speech, the monarch raised his concern over how politicians at the federal level are manipulating security issues.
He lamented how some cabal would prepare an impassionate security plans for the president after the traditional rulers had given the president good counsel on how to maintain peace through community policing. Citing the Inspector General of Police who always dissuade the president from approving community policing, Oba Kabiru Shotobi pointed out that security needs of every region are peculiar and tailored security measures will help than generalizing plans for every communities.
His Royal Majesty cited the case of Abeokuta and Ikorodu who are both facing security challenges; though both cities have similar challenges however the nature of the problems are not the same. Ikorodu most nascent challenge is the eruptive cult clashes which has threatened people for a while and this require a tailored-made blue print, not a generalised security plan the IG is forcing on people. Abeokuta and other regions all have their peculiar security challenges.
Oba Shotonbi explained that the Amotekun conglomerate, formed by the western region leaders are making the very best preparation to restore peace and security of lives and properties to the region. The group will employ only indigenes who know the terrain and have stake to protect. The hierarchical structure and discipline within the Amotekun security forces will be fair to volunteers and agents. Skilled hunters, night watchmen and educated folks will all work in tandem to secure the communities.
The Ayangbure also discussed other developmental opportunities the people of Ikorodu could tape from. He informed the delegates of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s proposal to the division, which the apex bank has requested the monarch recommend a hundred indigenous youths to be empowered. “By giving such number of youths a head start in life, we could empower a lot within few years.” He added. He was so concerned and overwhelmed by the burning issues, he asked his listeners, “why do you think I’m sharing all these with you, by virtue of my position in the Division and Kingdom, I am bound to listen to every sides, remain objective and find solutions to our problems.”
He told the people of his plans for political representation from Ikorodu, in the state. The Oba made them understand that Ikorodu people can only occupy governorship position when they unite to give support to their own. He observed that Ikorodu weakest point is their lack of political will. “Political will is still conspicuously lacking in Ikorodu, our people need to show interest in politics. If we make every necessary preparation, we can raise funds to back up credible candidates from Ikorodu. That is why I have initiated a fund and requested that one hundred well-meaning sons and daughters of Ikorodu donate one million naira each so that we can have a reserve to support our own candidates during gubernatorial elections.”
Oba Shotobi thanked those who have responded in paying their pledge to the fund and urged others to do same. He told the group that the donations received have been paid into the bank and the fund is intact for all and sundry to see. He believes the joint purse will provide capital base for any Ikorodu indigene appointed to run for office of the Lagos State Governor. The Oba kept list of donors to this lofty cause and promised to publish their names when the target fund is achieved.
Publisher of Oriwu Sun, Chief Monzor Olowosago who indicated his intention to make a comment, appreciated the Oba for his efforts towards making Ikorodu a habitable place. Olowosago said he was privileged to the private matters in the palace and could testify to how concerned the monarch has been about community peace and development in Ikorodu.
The publisher lamented on the negative roles policemen and some federal agents are playing in harboring criminals in the society. He cited several occasions where policemen and NDLEA officers were seen smoking banned substance and even selling the seized items to other hard drugs peddlers. Citing example of sensitive matters discussed at the palace and how the police chiefs present leaked the information to the villains in Ikorodu, and how some drug traffickers were let lose by the NDLEA agents after receiving bribe from the drug barons. Chief Monzor cautioned the visiting team to beware of the federal security agents whenever they are making sensitive plans on behalf of the Division.
Vice Chairman of the Ikorodu Resource Development Group, Alhaji Sikiru A. Oloyede, when giving the vote of thanks, appreciated the Ayangbure, Oba Kabiru Shotobi for being open to the group. The vice chairman prayed for the monarch and for every subject in the kingdom and for the press for rendering support.
The group made a brief presentation of gift items to his Royal Majesty. Chairman of the group presented two packages while the executive board presented a package to the Oba. The presentation was followed by a round photo session at the palace reception.

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