Oba Shotobi’s palace Christmas carol

The Bishop of the Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church, Ikorodu, RT. Reverend S.O. Osundina and members of the church have commended the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, and his wife, Olori Kudirat for demonstrating genuine love for Jesus Christ and Christians with their annual Royal Christmas Carol event.

They gave the commendation during this year’s royal Christmas carol event that was held on Friday, December 20, 2019, at the Ayangbure palace.

The event, which was the fourth edition to be organized by the monarch since his installation in 2015, recorded an impressive attendance of members of Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church, led by Rt. Reverend Osundina and other Bishops, traditionalists, Baales and oher Christians in Ikorodu.

Like the previous editions, the event afforded Oba Shotobi the opportunity to join Christians in his kingdom and across the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to also thank God for what He had done for him and his family, particularly for the tremendous development and progress which Ikorodu has made under his young reign.

After the event was declared open with  prayers Reverend S. O. Adegbola of Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church, there was a brief opening hymn which was sang by the Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral choir and this was followed by the reading of the first lesson from the Holy Bible by the host, Oba Shotobi.

Three other lessons were read by Chief David Sumoni, the Lay Leader of the Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church, Chief Sunday Ogede, Head of the Lasunwon Ruling House in Ikorodu, and Otunba Ayodele Elesho, former Lay Leader of Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church, intermittently during the carol songs.

As usual the delectable choir of the Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church, popularly referred to as ‘The Choir of Excellence,’ was at the center of proceedings as choristers, guided by their choir master and Director of Music of the church, Sir (Omo-oba) ‘Soji Onafowokan, KCW, led Oba Shotobi and the entire gathering, with their sonorous voices, in singing various carol songs both in English and Yoruba Languages.

The performance of the choir group, was so pleasing to the hearts and ears of the entire gathering that they had to rise from their seats occasionally, alongside Oba Shotobi and his wife, to dance and sing along in demonstration of their love for Jesus Christ and praises to God for keeping them alive peacefully and in good health to witness the Yuletide season.

Meanwhile, RT Reverend Osundina, while reading the fifth and the last lesson, praised Oba Shotobi for demonstrating an unusual love for Christianity by continually organizing the Christmas carol event to identify with Christians all over the world in their celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

While noting that Oba Shotobi is the only Oba in the whole Nigeria that organizes Christmas Carol in his palace annually, he opined that the love of the monarch for Jesus Christ surpassed that of other Christians living in Christian countries, particularly where Jesus Christ was born.

Reverend Osundina also stated that Africa, rather than foreign Christian countries, is the pride of Christianity considering the passion and commitment of Christians in Africa, particularly in Nigerian where attendance at church services  are ten times greater than what obtains in churches in foreign Christian countries.

He, therefore, comforted Christians in Nigeria and Africa that God will shower His mercies on them since Jesus Christ and Christianity have made their land a fortress and comfort zone.

Moreso, the Reverend father expressed his dismay over the singing of most of the carol songs in English language, stating that such act amount to disrespecting of Yoruba language.

He urged that carol songs in subsequent edition of the event should be sang in Yoruba language for better understanding since the event is being held in a Yoruba environment.

And as a way of appreciating Oba Shotobi’s gesture in hosting the annual event, Reverend Osundina announced to the gathering that he would hold a church service on the New Year day in the palace and urged the kabiyesi and other dignitaries to invite guests to the programme.

Oba Shotobi, while briefly speaking, led the gathering in singing several songs of praise to appreciate God for the success of this year’s royal Christmas carol and for the development Ikorodu has witnessed under his reign.

He advised the people to always give thanks to God in whatever situations they find themselves and also be firm in their belief in Him rather than looking elsewhere.

Oba Shotobi stated that Africa, especially Nigeria, must be grateful to God for His mercy, particularly for not allowing natural disasters such as earthquake, wild inferno, mudslide and others that have been happening in other foreign countries to occur in the country.

He concluded by granting the request by Reverend Osundina to host the Church service at the palace in January 1, 2020 and urged the gathering to attend enmasse.

The event also featured a brief prayer session for Oba Shotobi’s family, Ikorodu, Lagos State and Nigeria as well as presentation of a gift to the monarch by Chief Sumoni on behalf of Patriarch Bolaji Methodist Cathedral Church.

The event was brought to a close with a Vote of Thanks and closing prayer by Otunba Ayodele Elesho and Very Reverend S. O. Adegbola respectively.

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