CP Odumosu, please help us to reduce crime in Ikorodu

For a while now, the crime rate in Ikorodu has been on the rise. Though, several attempts had been made to curb the tide of the horrendous crimes troubling the society, there has not been substantial improvement.
Numerous Police Commissioners have attempted putting an end to the pervasive crimes people face on daily basis but the situation seem unresolved. In spite all the strategies put in place, residents have continued to watch in despair as cases of robbery, rape, burglary, ritual killings, cult clashes, assassination and mugging have been on the rise.
The persistence of crime in Ikorodu is heightened by the emergence of other social issues like traffic and road congestion. The Ikorodu central road linking the division to other Lagos towns is bedeviled by terrible traffic jam every morning and evening, where commuters spend valuable hours in traffic. Petty traders always encroach on the main road to display their wares, compounding the traffic situation. With all these social problems and crimes Ikorodu settlers are facing on daily basis, any charismatic law enforcer, who will successfully reduce the crime rate will earn the eternal gratitude of everyone.
The appointment of Police Commissioner Odumosu came as a relief to many in Ikorodu division because the new Commissioner has an impressive resume in Lagos State. Being a leader of the Lagos Task Force under the distinguished former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, there is high expectation that CP Odumosu will do a lot, not only in Lagos but also in Ikorodu division in his new capacity.
As citizens, the people of Ikorodu are required to assist the Police to do their job. We are suggesting and are willing to give advice to the Police Officials. We must notify the new Police Commissioner that Ikorodu needs more police officials to successfully fight the pervasive crimes perpetuated on daily basis. We believe CP Odumosu is familiar with the terrain and understands the pulse of the division. We urge him to take immediate action in policing the town and its suburbs.
The news of his appointment as the new Lagos Commissioner of Police is not only a welcoming one, but a sign of relief to many who know him. This is due to the fact that CP Odumosu is a tested and reliable officer of the Nigerian Police Office. Aside being the head of the State Task Force, he was once a Chief of the State Anti-Crime Squad known as Rapid Response Squad (RSS), the position which made him grounded on the nooks and crannies of the state. He, no doubt, has idea on the red spots in Ikorodu division, where heinous crimes are being perpetuated daily and will use this knowledge to implement solemn plans.
On a second thought, we may be forced to ask a salient questions: “Is Odumosu ready to make a difference not only in Lagos but in Ikorodu as well? Has he resolved to tackle the crime situation in Ikorodu division?” It is one thing to know the terrain with years of experience; it is another thing to be willing to do the job. We are urging the new Police Commissioner to think critically about the issue of crimes being perpetuated by cultists in Ikorodu because the situation is appalling and so critical. For instance, we have had gruesome killings of innocent people in the recent years; 2018, 2019. There were cases of people being caught by stray bullets in Isikalu, Ladega, Odogunyan and Ogijo areas of Ikorodu, where rival cult gangs went on rampage in broad day light. Just last month, a USA returnee was killed in his house at Ginti in Igbogbo/Baiyeku Local Council Development Area and his body set ablaze by assassins. There are many cases of atrocious crimes reported by the local media. With his many years of experience and with the resources available at his disposal, we believe he can do the job if he is willing to rid Ikorodu of crimes.
Our question is not a doubt in his competency but a genuine plea for his intervention in the social decadence we are facing. Many people believe the CP will make a difference in the crime situation. It is appropriate to suggest that the Commissioner should consider deploying more men to the Sagamu Police Station as they are highly needed to help salvage Odogunyan community. Likewise, the Sagamu Police Station does not have patrol vehicle and it is a high crime area. The area is an important part of Ikorodu and thousands of Lagosians live there.
These two affiliate towns to Ikorodu have been battle grounds for cultists in recent time. Though, cultists surrendered their arms in a recent local amnesty programme instituted by the Police and the Onyabo Vigilante Group, they are back in full force, wrecking havoc in the division and causing mayhem every now and then.
The recent surge of settlers from Lagos Island to Ikorodu has drastically increased the population and so has crime been on the rise. We have seen how Odumosu deployed over one thousand Police men on the Lagos metropolis to tackle traffic situation; however, in Ikorodu division, more is required especially at the Ikorodu round about. We understand there may not be enough men; he should also consider incorporating other security agents like the LASTMA officials, Civil Defense Officials, LNSC and others to tackle the traffic issue in Ikorodu division.
Odumosu has to be resolutely firm and turn a volt face on Police corruption in Ikorodu and Lagos as a whole, because corrupt field officials will ruin his laudable plans. The media believe in him and hope he will attempt to make a definite change. He needs to put his men in order and keep them on their toes by monitoring their activities on the field.
We wish him best of luck in office as the number one Police Officer in Lagos.

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