Ademola Olaseni fled Nigeria since 2018 after ‘Badoo’ attack his family

Following the gruesome murder of his immediate family members in early 2018, Mr. Ademola Olaseni was reportedly said to have fled Nigeria for safety in an undisclosed location.

Reliable sources told our reporter that Mr. Ademola Olaseni fled through the Cotonu, the Nigeria-Benin Republic border town sometime in January 6, 2018 after he buried his wife, siblings and parents in the nefarious attack by suspected ritualists and the alleged mad killers, Badoo.

During that year, the notorious Badoo ritualist gang took centre stage in killing and butcher people in ruthless manner. The Ikorodu town became infamous on national news media for brutal murder and maiming of family households in broad day light. 

The group unleashed terror in Ikorodu by going on    rampage in inner streets of Ikorodu to kill people with crude tools like machetes, traditional charms, lances, bottles and daggers. Many families were killed while others were displaced from Ikorodu for fear of losing their lives. 

On January 6, 2018, five members of the Olaseni’s family were brutally murdered by suspected Badoo ritualist gang. The horrendous murder which took place at their No. 11 Oluye Street resident in Ikorodu claimed the lives of his father, Mr. Ashiru Olaseni who was 82 years old; mother, Mrs. Grace Olaseni who was 74 years old; elder brother Mr. Akanni Olaseni who was 64 years old; younger brother Mr. Afolabi Olaseni who was 44 years old and his wife Mrs. Fasilat Ademola Olaseni who was 50 year old.

Ademola Olaseni who was 55 years old at the time reported the incident to the Shagamu road Police Divisional headquarters on January 6, 2018.

After burying his murdered wife Mrs. Grace Olaseni on January 6, 2018, Ademola Olaseni fled Ikorodu via Cotonu to an undisclosed destination. Family source told Oriwu Sun that they are not sure whether Ademola is alive or not, no one knows his where about since he fled town for his life and cannot tell if he survived.

Meanwhile, our reporters are following up on the story to ascertain his where about.

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