Ikorodu political leaders have never resolved any crisis…they have never had a common thought

Q: How do you assess the fourth term ambition of Hon. S.O.B?

A: Those who believe he should have fourth term have their reasons. Hon. Agunbiade has the right to contest for fourth term. He has been blessed to have occupied the office for twelve years not minding that there are other qualified people out there. We need to widen our political space in Ikorodu. It is sad to have only one person representing Ikorodu.

When you look at the population of Ikorodu, we deserve even more than ten in the real sense. Whoever is representing should also have in mind that there are other people that are also qualified. African democracy is about people, who are close to you, and not only about performance.

The question people should be asking S. O.B. is the reason he wouldn’t play the role of an elder statesman and support the younger ones, who are also intelligent to emerge. Why would he claim that it is beyond personal ambition.

He also claimed that he would represent us and we should mobilize and support him but I did not see him representing Ikorodu. For me, at this time, I don’t think it is normal to say that he deserves a fourth term. It will be an injustice not only to Ikorodu community but to generations yet unborn. He needs to widen his political space by stepping aside to allow another person.


Q: How do you think his fourth term quest would be stopped when he has money, power and support?

A: It is a monetized system, which throws up much corruption. The process of trying to upstage and uproot such agenda, which I call personal agenda, should begin now and people should cooperate and confront such agenda.


Q: How do you think the Justice Forum and the Mandate Group in Ikorodu division should resolve their crises to forge a common front?

A: Ikorodu political leaders have never resolved any political crisis. They have never had a common thought. Those of us, who are young and who are following the party, would bear the brunt of such ugly scenarios. There is no direction.


Q: What hopes do the youths have since the old politicians are not ready to leave the stage?

A: People like S.O.B. should just quit this space and allow fresh people to come in. He can go for other positions like being the Special Adviser to the Governor or going for Senate just to accommodate other people and avoid conflict of ideas. Youths are ready to take their positions through the ballot. Just imagine seventy to eighty year old men taking appointments at the Federal level to the detriment of the youths and you think tomorrow would be better.

This, obviously, needs thorough review. The youths need to come together to aggregate their interests and their perspectives to say, ‘Enough is enough.’


Q: What is your view concerning Federal Government recognition of Late MKO Abiola recently?

A: I happen to be the Publicity Director of June 12 Movement of Nigeria, which started way back in 1993. To me, I think June 12 represents fairness, unification, nationalism, social justice and democracy, among others.

The recognition was a commendable effort, which signals the revalidation process. I expect the Federal Government to do more so that we won’t regard it as a trick to win people to their side in view of their lackluster performance. The President has started the process towards restructuring and it is a good development.

The only thing going against the president in terms of performance is that he is very slow and doesn’t have the strength to confront the present predicaments befalling the country. If he is not doing what he is supposed to do, I don’t think he deserves a second term.


Q: What has been your experience as Secretary to the Local Government couple of years ago?

A: It was a great opportunity for me and I thank God and those leaders, who made it possible for me.


Q:  What is your opinion about Oriwu Sun and the Publisher, Alhaji Monzor Olowosago?

A: It is the mouthpiece of Ikorodu division because it has come a long way and the Publisher has paid his dues. Oriwu Sun has done well. It is not compromising the need to inform people. The Publisher is a mentor and he has given other community newspaper Publishers the feeling that they can do it.


Q: What is your hobby?

A: I love reading and writing. I rarely sleep because I have to get many things done.


Q: Are you a ladies man?

A: I have one wife and we have been together since we were in JSS2.


Q: What can people do to get on your nerves?

A: When I find it difficult for people to understand things, even those I deem to be simple. I also hate pretence and I think that people should start realizing that we need restructuring in Nigeria. The anti-corruption fight is not working as it should because friends are not being jailed.

Q: What is your opinion about Ambode?

A: In all honesty, I do not fancy Governor Ambode’s administration style. I see a man, who came on board on the strength of the campaign for continuity and he torpedoed the promise of that continuity and legacies of his predecessor, which he has left unattended to.

The Waste management idea, which he came up with (Vision Scape) was not a successful idea. He should have done experimentation in places like Lekki, Ikoyi, V.I and see how it works. He went and decimated the PSP. That was a big slap and minus for his administration. Government must be visionary.


Q: Do you think PDP can make in-road into Ikorodu politics going by the two factions the APC has produced due to irreconcilable differences?

A: The PDP is also at sleep and I don’t think that they have woken up. It is an unfortunate situation that other political parties are for street opposition. I have heard of ADP, SDP and other parties but PDP on the one hand has a problem of legitimacy and credibility and I expect that other parties should key into such crises.

The process has been hugely monetized. The beauty of democracy is the plurality of offers and choices. I would be glad if PDP can wake up and come up with a vibrant candidate.


Q: Do you think the President is sincere about announcing Abiola’s mandate?

A: Time will tell, He has provided an opportunity to take further steps in recognizing the mandate. The best thing is for him to do the needful.



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