Our Stand on Criminals in Ikorodu Division

The activities of the twosome, noted for their notoriety in terms of land grabbing and other related menace require more attention from all tiers of government and the public.
There is no doubt that the Lagos State Government has promulgated a law against the nefarious activities of the twosome, however, the expected positive result from the activation and implementation of this law is yet to be realized as the harassment and rampage of the groups, seem yet to be checked.
Ikorodu Forum is using this medium to appeal to the State government not to rest on its Oars to subdue the menace of the two notorious groups, while the public should support the authority to do the needful by reporting and exposing their activities for appropriate actions.
It’s been said many times, that an idle hand is devils workshop. The teeming population of youths within and outside of Ikorodu Division is serving amongst others, as basis for devilish and nefarious activities going on around us.
A nation, graduating thousands of youths from various tertiary institutions annually, without adequate provision for their employment and other sources of productive engagement to keep them busy and active is not only playing funny with their future, she is sitting on a key of gun powder, which could explode anytime and unexpectedly.
Majority of these unemployed youths, naturally co-habit in an environment where slush funds are recklessly displayed with impurity by their age mates who are children of very corrupt parents. The society expects those unfortunate, deprived and unemployed ones to live as normal cultured citizens without negative reactions. This of course, is not possible.
Being idle as a result of inactivity and nonproductive engagement is probably responsible for their aimless loitering and pier grouping. This leaves them no choice other than involvement in alcoholism, narcotic drug addiction and other negative vices that are motivators for cultism and criminality.
To address the above, the three tiers of government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) industrialists and others well-endowed must intervene to correct the anomaly of unemployment and related matters.
A society which does not recognize nor appreciate the importance of regulations and due process definitely opens its flak to disorganization and lack of respect for law and order.
The importance of registering local vigilante groups through various Community Development Associations (CDAs) and Community Development Councils (CDCs) cannot be ignored, if the rights and privileges of Community members have to be respected.
Vigilante groups should be registered through the CDAs and CDCs while the master registers would reside with the nearest Divisional Police Officers (D.P.O) for officialdom and control of their activities.
The rate at which Ikorodu division is expanding has become geometrical, so much so that this has brought along with an uncontrollable influx of aliens and non-indigenes with varied background from which criminality cannot be ruled out.
It is known fact that the Nigeria Police Force cannot adequately man the nooks and cranies of the division due to inadequate manpower. The need therefore for concerted effort between the men of the Nigeria Police Force, Nigeria Security and Defence Corps, the newly established Lagos State Neighborhood Defence Guards and other government recognized vigilante groups such as ONYABO to collaborate and adequately network with the frame work of zoning of Ikorodu division for Security Surveillance
In relation to the above is light-up Lagos project embarked upon by the State government at the inception of present administration. There is need to fully light-up the division, if positive result is expected from the advocated Zonal Security Surveillance of the environment, such that most notorious and developing black spots of illicit activities could be exposed. This will no doubt reduce the incidence of criminal activities in the division.
Equally very important and in tandem to all above is the need for the Nigeria Police Force to establish more Force Commands and more Police Stations to adequately address population explosion and challenges arising from urbanization.
Through erroneous circumstance, Okada/motor bike-ride commercial operation has become a means of transportation not only in Lagos State but in every nooks and cranies of our country. Motor bike-rider commercial operation has come to stay to compliment others means of transportation such as air water, railway and others means of land transport facilities.
Okoda-rider commercial operation has come to stay for probable reasons of unemployment and inadequate provision of other means of land transportation facilities such as buses (provided by private and public arrangements) as well as car hire services.
Granted the fact that the importance of Okada commercial cannot be wished away, neither could the importance of their regulation be swept under the carpet. The Security of live and property within and around Ikorodu division must be taken seriously to regulate this means of transportation. There should be Local Government Authority Level. They should be uniformed, while their registration numbers are permanently attached and make reflective for the purposes of regulation and monitoring by security agencies.
Ikorodu Forum and its entire membership sincerely appreciate the efforts of the present administration of Lagos State regarding the funding and moral support given to various security agencies including marine police department of NFP for the safe keeping of lives and properties in our environment. Ikorodu Forum require special security attention because of its aquatic location. The division being surrounded by water serves as easy-get-away for people of the underworld, this poses security challenge, as notable sad experiences lately could  not be easily forgotten, regarding the activities of  armed robbers, kidnappers, assassins e.t.c.
Ikorodu Forum on behalf of the entire citizenship of Ikorodu Division is using this medium to appeal to the government of Lagos State to influence the upgrading of facilities, man-power of the marine police command of Nigeria Police Force such that the entire water ways of the division could be policed adequately.
With due respect to the Ayangbure of Ikorodu and his chiefs, there is no doubt that the current negative happenings in the division would naturally have prompted the setting up a security advisory outfit by his Royal Majesty, however, it would not be out of place for Ikorodu Forum to join progressive others, in soliciting for the establishment of the above mentioned council to address our precarious security challenges.
In the opinion of Ikorodu Forum the division deserves a permanent security council rather than an adhoc one which would take charge of emerging security issues as they arise, especially now that we are facing amongst others to challenges of population explosion, high rate unemployment, cultism, youth restlessness, kidnapping and those challenges associated with urbanization to mention just a few. This type of council is not only advisory to the Ayangbure-in-Council, but will also offer similar service regularly to the state Governor through his royal majesty.
The membership of such council should contain but not limited to the following:  Principal traditional chiefs, Baales, high profile and transparent indigenes, Divisional Police Officer (D.P.O) and heads of other security agencies in Ikorodu Division.
It is expected that members of the council would meet regularly and report directly to the Ayangbure and other Oba in the division for necessary action.

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