Olotu Lasunwon, Prince Sunday Owolabi Ogede relates historic link between Ikorodu and Sagamu

It gives me unalloyed pleasure to give the welcome address on this historical visit of His Royal Majesty Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi Torungbuwa II, The Akarigbo of Remo land. The visit is very -significant, because of the unfriendly relationship between the two cities in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s which led to two incidents of which one of these incidents nearly brought the two cities to war. This was when our people from Sagamu came for -the burial of late Balogun Mabadeje Jaiyesimi in 1949, he happened to be the great grandson of Oba Anoko the 8th prominent personalities brought the situation under control.
The amicable settlements was announced in Ikorodu usual way by our singer and Arowasi Erungbe Late Chief Adekunle Bombata Osikabala that “Ote llu pari Oba jowo ye, Balogun eni esu a do -giri ki a fagi yo” etc.
The second incident was when Ikorodu decided to obtain beaded crown for Oloja Adenaike Aina Alagbe in 1950. Due to the hostilities between the two cities, Ikorodu have to approach the Awujale of Ijebu land Oba Daniel Adesanya Gbelegbuwa. Ijebu Ode happened to be the maternal home of Ogarenmade and Lasunwon. Their mother was Adenike Okubomowo daughter ofAwujale Gbelegbuwa Ojo Paso tewutewu of Ita Osu Ijebu Ode.
These incidents should not have happened, but as our father said “eku to da gbogbo e yi sile ni a npe ni eda, ki owe je ti awon Alaiyeluwa. It was our colonial master that sat down at Lancaster House, the colonial office in London SWI in 1914 during amalgamation of Nigeria and drew a straight line at Ita Oluwo demarcating the protectorate. Provinces of Nigeria and Colony Province. Thereby changing the natural boundary between Ikorodu and Sagamu, our colonial master did not consult our people or seek for their approval.
Today we give all the glory to Almighty God for His infinite mercy that installed the two Solomon Obas on the throne of their ancestors. May the Almighty Father endow both of you with wisdom, good health, long life, peaceful and prosperous reign in Jesus Name, Amen.
Without any apology I say that Ikorodu is historically part of Remo and politically part of Lagos State. Owa Ajaiye was one of the sixteen children of Oduduwa who settled at IREMO quarters in Ile Ife. Owa Ajaiye decided to found his own kingdom and obtained the blessing of his father Oduduwa. His father gave him his blessing and all the paraphernalia of an Oba which consist of beaded crown, bronze and beaded scepters, beaded regalia, various goddesses worshipped in Ile Ife as his inheritance, he was also given experienced Ifa Priest and capable experience hunters who will act as security guards of which Eyita was the head.
Owa Ajaiye left IREMO quarters in Ile Ife with his four wives namely Ijala, Omotorisa Oyinlola and Magbere, the four wives begat four sons namely Liyangu the first son, Oyelumade (Koyelu) Owarude and Torungbuwa, princes and some loyalist. With the above facilities and princely status, Owa Ajaiye was the undisputed leader of the innovating group and families. But Ajaiye did not go far before he joined his ancestors, the mantle of leadership fell on Liyangu the Daodu. May be this is the reason why Otunba Olore Liyangu of Akarigbo Ruling House (of Remo land) is the permanent chairman of Otunba Mojo.
Owa Liyangu and the group headed towards Benin territory. It was during sojourn of the group near Benin territory that Owa Liyangu became elated and declared his appellation as Alase Kari Igbo meaning (the King whose authority covered all settlements in the forest). It was later converted to Akari Igbo and finally to Akarigbo. Owa Liyangu later journeyed North West to settle by Yemule River (which is less than two kilometres from Ijebu Ode) Owing to the belligerent attitude of Ajogun (The Awujale) of Ijebu Ode, Owa Liyangu moved first to Okun Owa near Mayan river.
Owa Liyangu and his people stayed at Okun Owa for a long time, we consulted the Ifa Oracle again who told him to move further. We left some of his people at Okun Owa and went further with the rest.
Owa Liyangu got to a place after travelling for a long time between Okun Owa and Odogbolu. He consulted the Ifa Oracle who told him to stop at the place called Isoso. Owa Liyangu and his entourage stayed there for a while and after consulting the Ifa Oracle he proceeded further and got to ORULE (Orile). He consulted Ifa Oracle again and he was told to stay at the place called Orile Offin.
Eventually, Oyelumade popularly known as Koyelu became the fifth Akarigbo of Remo land, he had eight children namely:
1. Ogarenmade
2. Lasunwon
3. Sekumade
4. Adeolapo
5. Osonusi Adetuge Ogbonyari
6. Anoko
7. Adegorushen
8. Oguntade
Six of these children came and settled at Ikorodu and Sekumade settled at Ipakodo, Adeolapo settled at Owutu but unfortunately he left no issue. Ogbonyari and Anoko settled at Gberigbe Ewu Owa. After the death of seventh Akarigbo, Torungbuwa 1, Ifa oracle advised that the next Akarigbo is at Ikorodu. The Ogbeni Odi came and took Anoko to become the 8th Akarigbo of Remo land, likewise his senior brother Ogbonyari also became Akarigbo of Remo land.
Adegorushen and Oguntade stayed at Sagamu to become the two branches of Koyelu Ruling House today.
Ogarenmade popularly known as Oga and Lasunwon his junior brother of the same mother journeyed together from Orile Offin and established Eyin Ogbé. They started farming hunting and stayed there for sometimes before moving to Oke Igbo Egun from where some settlers came to stay and keep the settlement stable for continuous development. After some time Oga and Lasunwon moved to Agbeje, they usually come to the present Ajina to farm and planted Odu vegetable which grew abundantly at the farm. They will return to Agbele in the evening. Oga ruled as OLORI EGURE at Agbele. Oga and Lasunwon consulted Ifa oracle and Odu Ifa was OSE MEJI which meant that the soil was good for settlement, after some years at Agbele Ogarenmade and Lasunwon consulted Ifa again, the Odu Ifa was OGBEFU and they moved to Oko Odu which was later corrupted to Ikorodu as we know it today. Ogarenmade established the Ajina Market, which is the nucleus of Ikorodu and where annual festivals take place, he also built the palace.
Lasunwon went back to Sagamu and obtained Odofin Chieftaincy leaving his brother to cater for his family. Ogarenmade had to recall his brother from Sagamu telling him “Nitooto Ola sunwon sugbon ko to Omo” meaning although mobility is good but it is not as good as having children. Since then he has been known as Lasunwon. On this advice Lasunwon came back to settle with his senior brother Ogarenmade after the death of Ogarenmade shortened to Oga Lasunwon became the Oloja of Ikorodu since Ogarenmade had no issue.
Lasunwon had many wives but he had only three issues namely: Ademefun, Efuntola and LAMBO. It was the practice in those days to attend Osugbo worship every seventeen days at Sagamu, it was during one of these visits at Bere River that Lambo got drawn. He was a teenager who has not married as such had no issue.
During the search of the remains of Lambo Akarigbo Koyelu visited River Bere and took three major decisions:
i. He cursed Ibere River never to over flow its bound as to an extent of drowning anybody ever again.
ii. The Ibere River should be the boundary between Offin (Sagamu) and Ikörodu
iii. That Osugbo cult should be established at Ikorodu.
Your Royal Majesty, on behalf of Lasunwon and Rademo Ruling House, the Chiefs and entire Ikorodu Community welcome Your Royal Majesty Oba Alaiyeluwa Adewale Ajayi the Akarigbo of Remo land to Ikorodu Kingdom.

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